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Has anyone taken any classes from Western Governors University, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but the classes are not your typical pay per class style. They go by a 6 month... Read More

  1. by   Canuck.
    Have there been any Canadian nurses take the Rn to Bsn at WGU? How did you find it? Any tips I should know?
  2. by   smiles04
    If you are a diploma RN and going to get BSN is a smart move. The health and nursing industry is requiring RNs to have a BSN esp in the hospital insurance or case management setting. I got my Diploma RN after a year of hard core Med Surg nursing in the hospital I went on several interviews till a insurance managed care company hiring RNs would take me. The first 6 mths were hard learning computer programs and the medicare guidelines etc but it is a wonderful job going from hospital to hospital you work on a laptop and have your day to yourself to get your job done. I took off for about a year to do some personal stuff and then after that everyone hiring wanted a BSN and or you certification in Case Management which costs a lot to get. So do it now get the BSN done and after that you will have so many more options. You can get MSN for NPs or education and administration. Also having a BSN helps with getting these Case Management telephonic office or in home jobs. They are great jobs educating people so they stay out of the hospital or for you to schedule doctor appt or tests etc even schedule home health etc. hope this was helpful to all with the new healthcare bill we will be using more case manager telephonically so if youd like a job like that with average pay at 68k go for it.
  3. by   mya612
    Check out Straighterline for the A&P and Micro if you tested out of it for Excelsior and need to retake it for WGU. WGU is a partner school of Straighterline and Straighterline has a guarantee that partner schools will take their courses. They offer the A&P and Micro with labs and the courses are not very expensive.

    I have my MBA- Health Care Management from WGU, my BS in General Business from Excelsior, and I plan to get my ADN form Excelsior and my BSN from WGU. For the sake of expediency I plan to take the Excelsior exams for A&P and Micro, but will use Straighterline to prepare for them and fulfill the degree requirements for WGU simultaneously. All I can say is that I've had good experiences with both schools and I feel that the programs they offer are extremely rigorous and require an immense amount of self-direction and dedication to finish. For those who are interested in either school, go for it and good luck!
  4. by   Time2sew
    I am almost finished with the RN - MSN nursing education program. It has been a great experience for me. I have an awesome student mentor who calls me every 2 weeks and is available in between to answer any questions I have. She has been with me from the beginning. Each class has a mentor as well. They post blogs and webinars on the site to assist with your learning.My sister-in-law completed the RN-BSN program. The only problems I have had are trying to work around my work schedule for the community health project where I had to do a practicing, and now I'm trying to get IRB approval for my Capstone project. I work full time at the VA Hospital and getting approval to do research there is a very long process. I have heard that some WGU students have been successful doing research at allnurses.com. Right now I am dealing with a serious medical problem and am so glad I will be able to finish my MSN online from home.
  5. by   sweetkimchi
    Quote from klone
    Oh wow, that's awesome! I'm expecting that I'll have the same classes to complete (I will have my intake interview here in about 15 minutes), and my goal was to finish everything in six months. It's good to hear that it's doable, especially with a fulltime job and a family.
    Hi How is your RN BSN program going so far? I would like to be one of you who already started. I have some questions about the enrollment process. How long does it take until you officially accepted and started? and wondering how long the american DataBank background check does take and is the fingerprint required, if so you have to go somewhere to do finger print in person? or just completed through online?

    Thank you in advance! :-)
  6. by   featherzRN
    The background check did not take long for me (less than a week, iirc) and I did not have to have fingerprints done, it was all online.
  7. by   sweetkimchi
    Thanks a lot for your info! Now I can assume when I might be able to start. Most likely in January or February. My enrollment advisor is very nice by the way. how is your program so far! Any advice?
  8. by   MidnightAzalea
    I recently completed my ASN to BSN and loved it, it took me a year to do (and I'm a procrastinator!). Several of my co-workers and my manager are also attending the school, it works well for people with busy schedules.
  9. by   Despareux
    Does WGU expect you to post online and respond to a specific number of posts each day?
  10. by   MidnightAzalea
    There is absolutely none of the posting and responding to posts junk that some other online places require. Tasks are generally papers or power points that are submitted via Taskstream as they are completed, you don't have to wait to hear back to start on the next one. There's generally 2-5 tasks per class. Work that isn't up to snuff is sent back to you with comments so you can fix and resubmit, there's course mentors you can email or call for help on specific tasks. There isn't any interacting with fellow students at all, unless you post on the WGU FB or their message board, all of which is available if you want but isn't mandatory at all.
  11. by   Despareux
    Sounds like WGU is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks. I just sent a request for further information.
  12. by   featherzRN
    Good luck!! WGU was the best way to go for me - and it was quick and affordable, even better. Be sure to contact a current or past student to get $$ off your application fee!
  13. by   RonnieDita
    Are you all employed in a hospital while attending WGU? I read you have to be employed in a nursing position to enroll. It is so hard to find a new grad position as an ADN, I'm nervous I wont be able to apply to this program. I want to be able to apply to jobs by saying I'm already enrolled in a BSN program, but it seems like I may not be able to with WGU...