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I'm in west TN too!!! Up here in Martin. I don't graduate until May 2005 :( So glad to find others from Tenn on here!!! Hi all!!! :)

Sarah, RNBScN

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I once got a call for a job in Sparta, TN.

My husband wanted us to move there so he could play bluegrass music.



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Hi fellow West Tennesseans !! I am so glad about these new forums ~ I go away for a wk. and come back and there is something all new !! But anyway, I am a west tn person and have been all my life so welcome to all others !!


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West Tennessee here!!! Let's make this forum ACTIVE!!!!



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me too.


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West TN.. Memphis here :eek: Im not an RN yet, just now starting school :rolleyes: but still nice to meet some people in the area that can help me with homework :chuckle


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Hello all. Memphis chick here. Still working on prereqs looking to start clinicals in the Spring. What school are you attending SnowieRN? I'm at STCC alomng with some of the other members.

Specializes in Med-Surg.

I posted on one of the other threads, but I'm here in Memphis (well, just outside of).


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Im acually in Southaven, MS. Maybe we can all go do homework together one time :p Anyways.. Im going to Northwest Mississippi CC. Already have clinical experience from my Highschool pre-nursing course I took. I wanted to goto Baptist in Memphis but they said no :mad: so I came here and Im loving the school I am at.

West Tennessee here too. I actually live in Martin, and work in Union City. WOOO Hooo whata small world.


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Hey Snowyrn, I just graduated from NWCC and live in Olive Branch.

Memphis Panda where do you work?


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west tennessee nurse here:roll :rotfl: :nurse:

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