Went to the Job interview and pretty much got the job if I want it.


I am excited but feel like this hospitals shift differential SUCKS!. They quotes me the average new grad pay and said she was going to try to get me $1.15 more because of previous experience. The shift differential is 12% of my base pay which equal equals out to $2.57 per hour and $5.15 per hour on the weekend. The other hospital that I have an interview tomorrow pays $4.00 weekday and $10 on weekend.

I know I should not be thinking about only money but when you look at those figures, one can help but to be a little envious. The hospital tomorrow is about 15 minutes from my home but its not my first choice because I think their ER is a joke and a couple of nurses that told me not to go there!

The hospital with the low shift diff is my hospital of choice and it is 30 minutes away. I have my heart on that hospital but can't get over their lousy shift diff.

I am sure I will get the job at both places but I would pick the closer one for the money and not because I really want to go their. Thanks for letting me vent. I guess Its all a good situation to be in.

There's a reason their differentials are so much above the market. Don't go to a place you won;t like. While it's certainly about the money it isn't ALL about the money.

Nice to have options, huh, you RN you!

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Best wishes to you as you start your new career. Traci

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NC Girl, that rocks!!! Go with your heart ... the wallet won't make you happy in the long run! ;)


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Congratulations on all your job offers. I'm sure you'll make a very smart decision. I'm sure you'll be a great asset wherever you go!

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And are both of these more than you're making now? If so, seriously -- go with your heart!! No reason not to. :D Sometimes all the shift diff in the world can't make up for undesirable working conditions.

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Notice that all the experienced nurses who have responded to this thread say that it is more important to be happy in your work situation than earn a few dollars more. I agree. That is the lesson we have learned through experience.

Taking a job that is "less good" just because it pays a few bucks more is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become a statistic -- one of those people who quits their job within the first year, gets burned out early in their career, leaves nursing, etc. The people who have successful long tern nursing careers are those who learn to identify those workplaces where they will be personally satisfied and be content to stay a while.

A few bucks per hour is not worth risking your whole career -- and your personal sanity -- for.

I have found that people who are happy in their tend to do a better job ... get promotions ... don't mind picking up an ocassional overtime shift, etc. to increase their paychecks if necessary. In the long run, they often make more money than the people across town who get paid a little more per hour -- but who hate their work, only do the bare minimum, etc.

...And when considering compensation packages, don't forget to include a detailed examination of the benefit packages! Sometimes, an institution that pays more per hour has lousy benefits.


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Well Ladies,

I just got back from my 2nd job interview and I am very impressed with the place. The manager was very honest and told me what the typical day was on a good day and not so good day.(I apprieciated that) I also got interviewed by some of the staff and they told me the good bad and ugly. I also found that overall, they loved their jobs and that their turn over rate on that unit is very low. The manager told me that she has not had to hire anyone in a long time. I think she was impressed by me. She wanted to see my CPR cards and told me to call her Monday after my results were in. She also said someone in HR would probably be calling me. I also found out that the hospital is building a new 5 floor tower and the unit I am interviewing for is moving to a state of the art building in Dec 2009.

Another perk is the medical insurance is FREE! Also this job offered me rotating shifts 7a-7p,7p-7a. I thought this was good so I would not burn out on one particular shift. The shift diff is $6 after 3pm and if you work on the weekend,its $10 per hour and an additional $6 on nightshift. I am going to pray about both jobs because I really want whats best for my family.

Few things that I don't like:

That floor is the first that floats throughout the hospital and their uniform attire for RN's is all white.(Does nothing for my figure)

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Wow! So you have options. :) *hugs* A great situation!! I'm so happy for you!!

I always wear whites on the floor. So you look like the Marshmallow Man.



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Oh NC girl girl I am so happy for you, you will have no problem in your new field. I love working in the hospital setting you learn so much more. Every morning we have rounds with all the team (doctors, nurses, social workers , nutritionist, case management) where we discuss the plan of care of all our patients. It takes time out of my already busy schedule but I learn so much there.

Good luck on Friday!!!:up:


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Since you basically like them both how about you make a pro/con list of each and see who has the most pros??

I wouldn't let money dictate where I work, though. Money doesn't make it easier getting out of bed and going to work someplace where you're not happy.

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