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Nurses Job Hunt


I know its not easy for new grads to obtain an nursing job so soon but, I wasn't prepared for the headache with hearing experience needed. I need encourage for sure right now.

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I put in hundreds, if not a thousand or more applications before I even got a call for an interview,and didn't get the first job i interviewed for either. You gotta keep at it.

I have been applying since the 2nd week in May. I think I have around 150 applications out there. The only response I have gotten back is: we do not have any positions for new grads at this time. I have applied in hospitals as well as LTC, Dialysis, Home Health pretty much anything that doesn't exclude new grads. I am signed up to do immunization clinic starting in August. It is very, very frustrating. When and if I ever get a call for an interview I will be shocked!

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I've been applying since January and haven't even gotten an interview so hope you have better luck than I am having!

Out of all the applications I put in, the ONLY call I received was from the small community hospital the next town over. I truly believe that the reason they called was because they weren't all tied up in politics like the big city hospitals are. Where I live you have to either know someone or STALK the HR department, or both, in order to get your voice heard and really stand out. It's not that I'm against that practice, but it takes a lot of energy if you have applications at multiple locations. While I'm thankful to have the job, I know I have to stick it out for 6 months to a year before I can even think about transferring to a hospital I really want to be at. Best of luck to you!

I've been applying since June 22nd after I took the nclex, many applications each day, and haven't gotten a single call for an interview. I have tried to see the nurse recruiter in many hospital here at Miami, FL and Broward also, and I couldn't. There are hospitals that include in the position details "new grad application will not be accepted", imagine that. I wish the best of luck to all of you!

I just received a position after putting probably 400+ applications out there. I was rejected by my first two interviews. Say persistent, keep a wide search area.

Im in the same situation. Please keep us updated with any good news! Good Luck!!!

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