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  1. Cien2311a

    2 weeks 20+plus Applications

    I've been applying since June 22nd after I took the nclex, many applications each day, and haven't gotten a single call for an interview. I have tried to see the nurse recruiter in many hospital here at Miami, FL and Broward also, and I couldn't. There are hospitals that include in the position details "new grad application will not be accepted", imagine that. I wish the best of luck to all of you!
  2. Cien2311a

    What are ways to getting a job as a new grad with a BSN?

    Hello! I am a new grad too, with the same problem. I live in Miami, FL, hospital do not have openings for new grad and they require more than one year of experiences and when you go to any hospital to see the nurse recruiter, you can and neither leave your resume. The clinical rotations are not considered experience, then how are we going to get the "experience".