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  1. BrianaN

    Why do hospitals care about health care costs?

    Often times patients and insurance companies do NOT pay for the entire procedure. There is a "debate" between the hospital administration and the insurance company over how much an insurance company will actually cost. A patient without insurance can not be refused care, so often times if they are unable to pay they excessive costs of treatment the hospital must shoulder the costs. AMA...well there are different issues. You should just read a bit more on health care in general.
  2. Driver6- Niki is an awesome interviewer, she really puts you at ease. Have some questions to ask and just be yourself and confident. I think if you are passionate about it, it will shine through! Good Luck!
  3. I applied 2nd Round and interviewed on the 28th. I was accepted the 29th! I look forward to meeting everyone
  4. Hi! I applied for the second round of admissions. And have an interview set for Tuesday. As far as living in the city, if you have any questions as to where to live. What apartment companies not to use, and to use. I can help. Whether I am admitted to the program or not. I currently live near by campus, but out of the "center city" rep. I am really hoping to get into the program. And look forward to meeting some of you! Briana