We don't hire new nurses.


I feel like I wasted my time, every place I go it's the same story. I even got hired pier diem and then told the week after we can't bring you on because you are a new nurse. I seriously don't get this at all i have hit the grown running every nursing home every rehab or ltc and it's the same thing no experience we can't hire you. Can someone explain where do they expect you to get this experience they o so desire. So ****** off right now. This is so discouraging.


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just keep applying....someone will hire you and even if it isn't your dream job, you will have that to add to your resume and eventually you will get more responses to your applications:up:

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I have found no matter what education you have or level, its hard to find a job. I have a sister in law who actually gets multiple job offers (her serendipity I guess) and a sister who has a higher degree who CANNOT find another job to save her life =(

Just keep strong and keep applying. You WILL get hired. Perhaps you need to branch out city wise? Are you keeping to one city or venturing into neighbor cities? Have you been to a resume building place? Our local library has them a lot as well as my college (open to everyone and free)

Are you applying to places that are specifically HIRING? Or just random places?

These are all factors into job hunting no matter what field.

GOOD LUCK! Keep your head up dear. I know from personal experience how horrible it is.


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This is very bad. If no one will hire new nurses. Where we get experience from.

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In 1992 I had to leave my home, family, friends and life as I knew it... leave the state, to find a job upon graduation. One and only one, of my graduating classmates found a position in some outlying back-of-beyond LTC facility, in a remote corner of the state.

Nursing supply and demand is historically cyclical. Did they not tell you this while in your nursing programs?

Do what you have to do.

I grow weary of the New Grad Threads x eleventy, entitled, "no one will hire me!" here.

None of you are the "first" to go through this.

And you will get through it.

It's the way it is. Work the problem.

p.s. it seems Texas is always hiring, so check there. Texas was the worst year of my life, but it gave me the platform for the rest of my career.


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Why thank you Mrsfrancis


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I had the hardest time finding a nursing job and i eventually gave up. At that point i got the phone call from a hospital I applied for about a year prior, got the interview, got the job. It will happen eventually. Applying to a bunch of places and being prepared for the call is the only thing you can do.


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How bout I was an lpn for 4 years passed my RN boards a month and a half after graduating just to see it would take me 2 years and 1 and a half month to find a hospital job..I only got a job 7 months after graduating cuz my friend's wife was the DON in the nursing home..try chart reviews, home care, anything!! Look at me even with my lpn experience and RN nursing home experience it took 2 years..the lady who hired me at this hospital if I can lick her toes I would! I was so tempted to buy her flowers but at the same time I don't want her thinking I don't deserve this opportunity either..she chose the floor and shift for me..she said she wanted me to go back to school for my Masters so part time is best and that I would still get benefits she also said she didn't have Med/Surg available so she didn't know if I wanted to wait or just take this avail position on Hospice- please! I didn't think twice- MORAL OF THE STORY Persistence is Key and don't be picky!!

Even if u have to scrub the hospital toilets take it just get in there believe me I have $76k in school loans and left my family in FL to go to nursing school ..I was depressed too


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Keep a journal- that's one regret I have ..I know I sound crazy right now but seriously keep a journal,,and ask God to order your steps and to place you in a facility or position that He can use you and that you will love..and when it happens you can go back and read those entries in your journal and realize how blessed you are and appreciate that position even on the days you want to quit

I haven't started my new position yet but this was definately a humbling experience for me

I went from wanting to be a nurse to wanting to pay off my loans- I even wanted to leave nursing, but I had to have a serious conversation with God..

You can also try fasting!! If you want me to pray with you PM me..


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Have you walked into a unit, resume in hand, and spoken to the manager/director? That's how I got my job. After endless applications around the state for an RN position, I finally just got fed up and walked into the ED 2 miles from my house with resume in hand, physically put it in the ED managers hand, and wrote my name and number on my resume (even though it was clearly typed on, I wrote it in ink just to grab attention.) Got a call within 24 hours, started the following week.

Don't give up, it will happen.

P.S. I walked in on a busy day when the manager HAD to work the floor due to short staffing. Don't know if that made him look at my resume faster.


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Thank you so much khrissi. I am a man if my word so I will do as you instructed I do pray but I will pray more and I will fast.