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  1. https://www.preceptorvalley.com/
  2. blarn

    University of South Alabama FNP Spring 2017

    The letter was in the mail when I got home from work yesterday. I was accepted!
  3. blarn

    Yep. Nurses do "eat their young"

    I was eaten by my first nursing job.. the struggle is real
  4. blarn

    University of South Alabama FNP Spring 2017

    I applied for Dual track FNP and Acute Geront... Haven't heard back
  5. blarn

    Too slow for fast pace job?

    It just takes a while to get into the flow of the unit. 2 weeks is very little time to make such a harsh judgment about your capabilities. Once u get to know the patients and schedules better you will be able to plan ahead for the busy turnover.
  6. blarn

    Acute HD units also doing PD

    I believe it is pretty common. This is what the acute programs do in my area. Often the patients primary nurse can do some trouble shooting by calling the 1800 number on the machine and most patients know how to operate the cycler on their own.
  7. blarn

    Why Do I Care?

    There Is Nothing Wrong With Nurses That Have Goals And Work Towards Them. Just Because They Leave A Job After A Year Doesn't Mean They Won't Have Skills. ThIs Is Very Silly To ME. Don'T Look Down On Nurses That Want To Move Forward And Continue Thier Education Other Places.
  8. Try Something Different..I Hated Med Surg.. I LOve Dialysis! ...Many Options!
  9. blarn

    CE courses in Austin

    I am looking for some short classes in the Austin area to take to improve on my skills, knowledge, and confidence. I don't feel like I benefit as much from online classes. Any idea where to look? I was able to find an IV therapy course that lasts 1 week. I would like to find more short programs like that. I have looked at the college and tech school websites and I haven't really found what I was looking for. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Any information is Appreciated! Thanks!