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  1. Hi there, I noticed there wasn't anything out there (that I could find) on the forums for the Georgetown CNL program. It's a new program so that might be why there hasn't been much chatter. Anyway, just seeing who else out there has applied and is interested in the program.
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  3. by   PhineasTalisker
    Hey there! I was wondering the same thing... I applied although I was hoping they would keep the BSN program for a year longer as it was ideal for me. My biggest concern with the CNL role is that since it is new, it may pose some bureaucratic challenges when going for a masters specialty... anyone have any insight there? Thank you and good luck to you!
  4. by   talfan
    Hi R_4611 - I also applied to Georgetown's CNL program. I haven't seen much talk or information at all about the program either. It's nice that a master's entry program is getting started in the DC area (it seems to be a growing trend), but I'm a little worried about the cost of the program.

    Also, thanks for starting this thread- I was wondering if anyone else had applied!
  5. by   R_4611
    Glad to hear from some other applicants. I too was starting to think I was the only one! I was very disappointed that they discontinued their ABSN program. The ABSN program was my first choice but since it ended I decided that applying to the CNL program was a worthwhile option. I understand the concern about the CNL role but after doing some reading it seems this is a degree that other colleges have been giving for a few years now. I too am interested in a specialty which will probably be a post masters certificate since I am not interested in racking up more debt to get another masters degree if I go through the CNL program.
  6. by   PinkEagle
    Hey guys!

    I applied to GTown's CNL program! I'm actually on campus write now and I'm writing this post in one of their libraries! I'm super nervous and a bit worried about my applications because NursingCAS has been a pain in the a** for me!

    Did you guys applied to any other CNL programs? I applied to UMD's Program (which is actually my first choice!) and have already been accepted into Saint Louis University's CNL Program!
  7. by   R_4611
    Thanks for joining in @pinkeagle ! Are you just doing a campus visit ? I was wondering if anyone knew of an open house date or anything like that for this program. I would very much like to plan a trip over there but didn't know if I should hold out on spending money doing so if something official is happening since I'm from Los Angeles.

    I didn't have problems with the nursingCAS website, hopefully that works out for you. The most painstaking part of the application, in my opinion, was definitely the video! Over all its just a pain in the a**!

    I applied to UCLA's CNL program but all the others I applied to are second bachelors programs. Congrats on getting accepted to St. Louis! Are you from the east coast ?

    So glad more people are joining jn!
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  8. by   PinkEagle
    @R_4611 I went to GW as an undergrad (and also applied to their ABSN Program) and I work in Georgetown, so whenever I study I like to study in their library. I'm from DC so I know where the university libraries are in the city!

    I actually loved making the video and I thought it was so much fun because I've never done anything like that before! I've had Skype interviews from when I lived in France but never a recording (guess it's the wave of the future!). NursingCAS has been having so many issues with my transcripts. They just received them now and haven't even processed them yet! I'm going to have to call the school and make sure my application and consideration have not been compromised!

    I'm so happy about getting into SLU but I'm super nervous about the city of St. Louis. I don't know anything about the city but the situation in Ferguson and the cops there make me worried especially being a black female. DC is so diverse (even though the income gap is bad) so racism is not something I'm used to. If this was 2-3 years ago, I would have been more excited about the opportunity to move in St. Louis, but post-Ferguson...I'm not so sure!
  9. by   R_4611
    @pinkeagle I turned in my transcripts to NursingCAS well over a month ago and although they have received them they still have not processed them. Apparently they are very slow to get to those things, I wouldn't worry about it though. I was concerned with how the deadline being pushed back by a full month would affect Georgetown's decision making process but hopefully they are swift to get back to us. Although thus far it doesn't seem like communication is the programs strong suite.
  10. by   R_4611
    Just thought I'd let anyone who was anxious about the nursingCAS transcript evaluation timeline. I just received a notification that my transcripts where evaluated and my calculated GPA was posted. They received my transcripts in February 5th so it takes approximately 4-5 weeks. Their GPA calculation dropped my GPA down from a 3.5 to a 3.3 which is extremely disappointing. This due to the fact that they don't do repeat forgiveness so several undesirable grades from my lower division classes which I repeated were kept in the calculations. I have a 4.0 in my prerequisites which I'm hoping is the their main focus since they asked solely about your prerequisite record twice (once on the application and again on the georgetown prerequisite form). I addressed these shortcomings on the personal statement even though they were from 10 years ago, but I was hoping my overall GPA of a 3.5 would make that just a precaution. =|
  11. by   guest08/01/16
    Hi there, I had started the application process to Georgetown's CNL program but decided not to since I was accepted at another ABSN program and didn't want to accumulate debt from 2 years of private school education. I was very disappointed that they discontinued their ABSN program.

    As for NursingCAS, it was a lot faster for them to process things during fall 2014, but they were very very slow after holiday season and lost my transcript twice. Different staff members will say different things about how the transcripts can be delivered. one told me that it had to be sent directly to the registrar and another told me I could pick it up and mail it myself. Be persistent emailing/calling them; be sure to include ur NursingCAS ID. Sometimes they also respond to facebook message chats faster than email.

    Also consider sending unofficial transcript to the admission officer once grades posted. I had a few courses in progress and was accepted to good schools.

    As for GPA, I believe each school recalculates it again; some schools I applied to do not and some do count repetitions and each school has different prerequisites. But if it is holistic approach I wouldn't worry as much.

    Georgetown has an excellent medical school and a university hospital; I'm sure it would be a great educational experience. my physiology teacher went to Georgetown for nursing. Good luck!
  12. by   Mollerina
    Hi everyone! I applied to the CNL program as well. Beginning to get a bit anxious awaiting a response from the admissions committee! Good luck to all!
  13. by   dvth15
    Hi all! I also applied to the program and am anxiously awaiting a response (haven't heard back from any programs yet so I guess this has something to do with it haha). Does anyone know when decisions will be available? I know it says april on the website somewhere but was curious if this meant early or late April. Thanks!
  14. by   R_4611
    Welcome! glad there's more of us there out there! I was thinking about admission decisions too. I had guessed early April but when the application deadline was pushed back a month I had kind of figured we were looking at mid to late April now. Hopefully sooner though! I have a feeling there aren't many of us which hopefully helps them make decisions fast. Only a few of us have tuned in here, does anyone know of any other chatter about the program or any other applicants that might be out there? Best of luck to everyone !

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