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Walden/online np programs

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Hi all,

Was looking for current reviews of Walden University's NP programs. I know they are ccne accredited, and their curriculums and clinical hours are pretty much identical to all other programs. So 1) is anyone currently in? Or are there any recent grads that can give feedback? 2) paying for the name- Out of the 5 NP's I have talked to, they all say the name/where you went doesn't matter. I don't have a lot of money, and would prefer not to accumulate a lot of debt. So paying $650 a credit for walden, vs say $1100 a credit for Vanderbilt or GWU is much more appealing. Thanks


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I believe Walden is about 36-40k, which is still a lot for me. Typically in-state universities are a lot cheaper. My program is an in-state university and my tuition is less than 20k. So, I plan to pay out of pocket and use my employer's tuition reimbursement for school. Money for me is definitely going to be tight, but I'll manage.

But, if possible, look into your instate universities. Good luck!

I just graduated from Walden's AGNP program. It was not terrible, nor was it exceptional by any means. As with any online learning, I think you get out what you put in, as you don't really have teachers, you have "facilitators." When I chose my school I based it on convenience and cost. Why pay $1100 per credit as you said when you can pay $650? I have co-workers who attend prestigious state university NP programs - at the end of the day, the curriculum is very similar and they have all told me they wish they would have gone a cheaper route. To each their own though. Good luck to you!

bbcewalters, NP

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I know two people that have recently graduated and passed boards. Both have said it was not great, however, it was flexible.....

They both studied very hard for boards and felt like the school curriculum did not prepare them as well as it could have.

aprilj90, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

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I am not personally going to Walden but I have a friend who did and graduated. She was in the FNP program and would often state she made all A's in her classes but did not feel very challenged and that the program didn't prepare her that well for boards.

Please understand I'm not saying this to discourage you. The facts of the matter is, she made all A's and ending up passing her boards on the 1st try so Walden must have done something right :)

Consequently I'm in the same boat as you. I have 2 little kids to care for so I can't afford to pay for a name. I figure, if I'm studying the same material as everyone else, why does it matter? Good luck with everything!

Is it hard getting a preceptor through walden? I hear sometimes people judge you and refuse to allow np students who went to for profit degree granting online programs

I just graduated from Walden's FNP program in May and also just passed my boards on the first try. I know 3 other classmates who were able to do the same. I chose Walden because of the price and the fact that it was more flexible than a traditional program. I have a family and worked full time throughout the program. As far finding preceptors, that part is hard, but I live in an area where I was competing with students from 3 traditional schools. That being said, I was able find preceptors without having to drive out of my area. Upon graduation, I had 3 job offers prior to taking boards. It has been my experience that employers are not concerned with where you went to school. I was asked mostly about my experience as a nurse and when I would be taking boards. Just remember that no matter where what program you decide on, you will get out of it what you put into it.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

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I have met people who graduated from Walden and they did not seem to have issues finding jobs. I know two people who are currently in Walden. My program is about 36k but I have a more extended program than the others. I think some of the benefits is making sure you have adequate experience beforehand and are able to adequately sell yourself in interviews. To be honest, I haven't asked any NP students where they have graduated from.

MiaLyse, APRN

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I see that Walden's is now offering Psych NP and I was wondering if they had any Post MSN NP programs?

I am thinking about doing the pysch np at Walden. Any info would be great! Thanks :)

How far are you with the PMHNP prog . I am planning to switch university where I was doing the FNP, to Walden and I would really like to know how it is for you?

I am also thinking about doing the psych NP at Walden. Have you started the program and can you share any advice? Thanks !

Jules A, MSN

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Is it hard getting a preceptor through walden? I hear sometimes people judge you and refuse to allow np students who went to for profit degree granting online programs

I have heard this. I don't precept anyone without solid psychRN experience and the two Walden students who approached me didn't have any which I don't understand but thats another topic I guess.

I'm not sure students realize or appreciate that, at least in my area and specialty, everyone knows everyone and my reputation will be attached to any student I have precepted so that is a major consideration for me.

People look down on Walden and other schools in the same category because of the admission standards. It is a joke and it is flooding the NP market with not so desirable grads. Everyone in the NP field, or wanting to be an NP should be worried because it makes everyone else look bad. There will be issues with finding a job in some instances, but probably in not a lot of cases.

Does this mean that NP's that graduate from Walden are all bad? NO. I am mainly talking about the ones with little to none RN experience and low GPA (Stats).


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