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gelli.25 has 4 years experience and specializes in OR Nursing, Critical Care, Med-surg.

Starting my FNP this Fall 2016 :-)

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  1. gelli.25

    Advice for an FNP student please!

    Securing preceptors is such a difficult task. I've been very fortunate at the last minute by finding preceptors. For my first semester, I asked my PCP -which she agreed. Ask your PCP if she/he is willing to precept you as a student. However, when I followed up with her, she was unable to. I had asked my school for help - I would very lucky to have had the assistance. I would also email providers at my workplace, which was a fail. Many would ignore, however, many would respond - but politely decline. I've had one success through emailing multiple providers directly. I would also email managers - but that got me no where. I also went up to sites and handed my resume and cover letter - but nothing. I would get hopeless at times. I looked on my local NP organization's website, and even those fail to help realistically. Attending meetings face to face would probably be more helpful. But thankfully, I received a notification of a new NP preceptor on my local site that was willing to help students. I quickly emailed her and got nothing. I went up to her workplace and handed the front desk my cover letter, resume, student handbook et cetera. I did that on a Friday. Heard nothing Saturday. Sunday she responded and agreed to precept me. I also used "who I know." I work with a PA and she's a lead PA in her department. She asked her PA colleagues and I was able to get a yes from someone. I also used Facebook's NP organizations, local and state organizations - and asked on there. This definitely needs to change. I know providers get annoyed with the countless emails and contacts, but what else am I to do if I want to graduate on time?! I hate this is how us students have to obtain preceptors; there needs to be a more standardized process with this. Why is it that NP students have to obtain there own preceptors, whereas PA and MD student do not have this problem? The curriculum, in my honest opinion, needs to change as well. I am so sorry you're struggling with this. Stay hopeful and Good luck!
  2. gelli.25

    Want to be A FNP - Help!

    And yes, obtaining your DNP with a NP focus will give you the privilege/authority to treat patients and prescribe medications.
  3. gelli.25

    Graduate Schools

    Try searching for public university programs that are within your state. Programs that are out of state and those that are more well-known tend to be more expensive. I'm not paying 225/credit but my total will be under 20k. My goal is to have no debt and have my MSN completely paid off at graduation. Good luck!
  4. gelli.25

    Want to be A FNP - Help!

    I see you're from West Virginia, I'm assuming. Have you tried West Virginia Wesleyan College? They offer Psych NP and FNP. Graduate Programs - West Virginia Wesleyan College
  5. gelli.25

    No motivation. Gas tank on E

    I'm in my 2nd semester of NP school and I feel the same way at times. Not depressed at all, more of a procrastinator than anything. I think I am just easily distracted. I cannot blame it on work, because I only work 2-3 days a week with call. I am enjoying my program and am learning tons but I think "I feel" I have so much free time, I put things off until later - and end up waiting until the last minute(freaking out). I also try to find distractions as well, to avoid my schoolwork. Like you stated, it isn't affecting my grades at all; I have a 4.0. I love that I am taking this route to advance my education; however, my motivation isn't at the peak it should be. If you think it's your health, definitely get it checked. Me, on the other hand, I'm not too worried about myself. Typically, at the beginning of the semester, I have high levels of motivation - then it slowly begins to trickle down. It happens. Good luck with your studies; you'll definitely make it through.
  6. gelli.25

    online NP school and preceptors

    It's difficult. I attend an in-state university. The instructors will help you, but it is still the student's responsibility. And even programs that aren't distance learning (in-class) - many of those programs still hold the student responsible for locating preceptors. My advice is to look early on.
  7. gelli.25

    Liability Insurance-School won't share?

    My school sends it directly to my clinical site as well. However, I did not request a copy - did not feel the need to.
  8. gelli.25


    I have a HP printer, Officejet HP-8610 to be exact. It can print, fax, copy, scan and is wireless. Having a HP, I decided to purchase the HP insta-ink. It's a monthly payment, with different options. One option is to pay 4.99/month for 100 printed pages a month. I have the 9.99/month for 300 pages a month. I also think there's some other option as well. I tried the first three months for free - decided to get it. It's automatically detected whenever you run out of ink - they'll then send it (I believe). The only thing is you have to purchase your own paper, of course. I decided to get this instead of purchasing ink for 100 bucks for every new cartridge. So far, I like it. Sometimes I'll also print out things at work if I remember, if it's a large amount of papers and documents.
  9. gelli.25

    Lab Coat

  10. gelli.25

    How old is everyone?

    26. Started my MSN/NP last semester.
  11. gelli.25

    NP Preceptor

    hey Ashley, How did you go about meeting this preceptor. I am in the same boat. I have a preceptor that I have no prior relationship with, who agreed to precept me during this upcoming semester. Did you end up scheduling a meeting with him/her prior to your clinical rotations to speak on expectations and goals and etcetera? Or did you guys get that established on your first day? thanks!
  12. gelli.25

    Orthopedic Spine NP

    Thank you so much Ashley, this is great help.
  13. gelli.25

    Full time vs Part time

    I'm doing school full-time and yes, I am still working - (3) 10 hour shifts.
  14. I'm starting my first clinical rotation this Spring. It's advanced health assessment, with a provider I have no relationship with. How was your first clinical rotation like? How much did you do? What advice, tips or recommendations do you have? Also, would you recommend bringing a laptop on site? How much of your resources did you take to clinical? thanks so much!
  15. gelli.25

    Orthopedic Spine NP

    hey everyone! Does anyone work in this specialty? I may possibly take a position as a Ortho Spine NP when I graduate. Do you like it? How's a typical day like? thanks!
  16. gelli.25

    FNP Program Recommendations

    You'd probably be better off researching on your own then asking about certain schools, once you narrow your search down. There's way too many schools to choose from to be honest.

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