waaaaa, my first AP lab test killed me

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I was so ready to identify tissues by microscope, but what threw me were the 8 questions on parts and magnification of the microscope? We didnt cover that at all, so I was like "DUH?"

I studies so hard...and I hope I pulled a C-God help me if I bombed. Oh well, lecture exam is tomorrow and I am studying my a** off. (I wish!)



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I feel for ya. My first A&P Lab exam was a bear. I took the class during the summer, so it was an abbreviated class & only had ONE lab exam, rather than the usual 2 exams. That combined with the fact that most of us in the class had never had a lab exam before in our lives (not even when I was getting me B.A. did I ever have a lab exam)...made it REALLY tough.

I'm sure you probably did better than you think. I thought I bombed the heck out of it & just narrowly escaped a B (only one point away). The good news...I passed. And I know what to expect for next time. Ended up with an A in the class, despite the C in lab. *phew*


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Thanks so much for the reassurance. I am really bummmed-its nice to know I'm not alone! Amy :)


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Don't feel bad! I had my first lab today over tissues, cells, and the microscope. It was not quite as bad as i thought. there were 5-6 things that I'm unsure about.

Good luck!



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I'm sure you passed Amy!!! They always put the things on the tests that you least expect. Good Luck on your lecture exam!!!!



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I also took my 1st A&P lab test today. I was comfortable with most things, a few things I'm sure I got wrong, but oh well. I'm sure I did ok. The first test is always good because you can learn how to study for the next. Even if you didn't do as well as you would like, you can learn from the experience. There's lots more tests for the semester so you have time to get better.


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I barely passed my first exam in A&P also. My mom, who is a retired teacher told me to ask the instructor for a study guide for future exams. She told me to make this request in front of the entire class so if there was anyone else who thought it was a good idea who voice their agreement. The instructor was one of those that was all over the place on everything. A study guide would at least tell me what she thought was important. She agreed to the guide and I never scored lower than a B after that!


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I remember that first A & P test! I did the exact same thing. I focused on everything but the microscope and got a D on the test. Just remember it's only the first test and you can pull that grade up if you need to. Even with that first test I still managed to get an A in the class.

I also learned if it's in the lab book, no matter how insignigicant it might seem, learn it.

Good Luck!


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My first lab exam is Monday and I haven't even started to study for it yet. I am concentrating so hard on this NLN exam Saturday that I can't pick my lab manual up yet. I will study for it after this exam is over. I'm sure you did good Amy, have confidence in yourself. Good luck on your lecture exam! Let us know how WELL you do!


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I had my lecture exam, and I think it went a lot better than the lab exam. I just have one HUGE bit of advice for everyone:


I now know of three questions I got wrong because I did this-all three I was perfectly right with my first logical choice! AARRGG! I am hitting myself in the head *bangbangbang*-tehe.

Amy :)

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Glad to hear your lecture exam went okay. My teacher hasn't announced our first exam yet, but it'll be soon, I think.


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I still have a hard time trying to figure out what bozo gave lab a one credit hour rating.

Did you have a practical exam already? Our first labs were just q&a's. Usually didn't have to actually ID stuff till midterm and finals. My first A&P lab exam I had the same thing happen to me. The microscope left me in idiotsville. Couldn't explain it, couldn't use it either. Now that I'm taking micro, I'm pretty decent with it.

Have fun in A&P. I especially liked the bones section. Had pictures of skulls all over the place. My favorite was the color dude in the bathroom taped next to the mirror. Brush the teeth, learn the bones.


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