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VCU DNAP 2020 Applicants

Hi everyone!

wanted to start a thread for ppl applying to VCU DNAP program starting January 2020, where we can all share our stats and talk through the application process! Goodluck to all 🙂

Hi I am still in the process of submitting everything. Hope to get it done soon. Good luck to you also. Do you mind posting stats? Do you know anyone at VCU now?


glad you replied lol I was searching for a thread for forever. Im still in the process also, and no i dont know anyone who goes there. My stats are

GPA: 3.71

GRE 304, writing 4.0

ICU: one year by matriculation (my weak point), but hey if they said one year minimum i think it's worth a shot lol


GPA: 3.89. GRE 310 writing 4.0. I will only have about 15 months of ICU experience by matriculation. Some research experience. I’ve been searching for a thread also. Only found this one because it popped up on the bottom of my screen lol. The process is stressful. Glad I found someone in the same process. Stats does not always matter. They look for people that are personable and that they can work with. So don’t worry about the ICU experience. If you get interview, be personable and confident, not cocky. Did you apply anywhere else?

Good ti know. Im in the process of applying to Baylor and ADU (in Florida) as well. Just researched some info about Augusta University, im really trying to start in a program that begins Jan 2020 lol . where else did you apply?

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Hey everyone, I am applying for this cycle as well. I just got all my recommendations submitted yesterday so all I have left at this point is to take my GRE next week, submit my application then pray every day that I hear back. 🙏

ICU: 2 years as of now

GPA: >3.5

GRE: Pending

CCRN: done.

Glad to find a thread to wallow in the anxiety with. Hoping to submit this week. Anyone know what they mean by: "Interview invitations will be sent on a rolling basis"?


Cardiac surg icu experience: 2.5yrs

GPA: 3.6 from my first degree and 3.9 for my BSN (I assume they average this?)

GRE: 318

CCRN: yes

@Npwatson good luck on the gre ! It’s not as bad as you think. And great stats . @s.wizzleteats I was searching for a thread for the longest and decided to make one lol but yeah super anxious about this whole process. I hope we hear back soon after the application deadline

@s.wizzleteats I’m pretty sure rolling basis means that they’ll send invitations continuously .... meaning there’s not one set date that they’ll give invitations for interviews.


Specializes in Pediatric CTICU.

Hey guys,

Just finishing up my application as well, I was reading last years app thread and was wondering do we actually put in to apply to different sites? Or they choose which sites you interview for?

I started an application for this program a couple of days ago. Still waiting for one more reference and I should be completing my GRE soon too. I hope I make it in time for this application period 😖

I believe we put our #1 preferred site then there’s a box under it to list in order of preference for the other sites . @kaleks good luck on the gre! You still have two weeks , I’ve been waiting a month basically for my references to be completed and they’re still not done yet lol

Haha thanks! I have no idea how I'm gonna do on test day but I appreciate the positive energy! I hope you get your references in soon too!

Can’t believe we submit our applications this week ! Good luck to all 😎

This is exactly the thread I was looking for.

ICU experience: 1.5 years MSICU, 0.5 years CVICU

GRE: 310 writing 3.5

CCRN: yes

GPA: 3.89 BSN 3.6 previous BS degree

Good luck to all of us!!!

@Nnemirov stats look great ! Just submitted my app last night. Ugh now for the agonizing wait , I hope we hear back soon !

I also applied to VCU! Just waiting on one rec letter

I’m hoping the turn around time is fast and it’s last week of March/ first week of April... like last years thread

I’m trying to finish up my application. Editing and finishing my statement. Does anyone know if there is anything more to answer than what’s on the application for the statement? It states to check the school of choices website for any additional things that needs to be included in the essay but I wasn’t able to find anything else.


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