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  1. kaleks

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    Yep hope so too!
  2. kaleks

    CRNA School and Debt Advice

    Well, if you get accepted this cycle then just go for it, you'll probably end up owing more than 300k after CRNA school though but hey, just think about the med and law students! They manage it just fine...right?..maybe? (trying to be as positive as I can) But anyway, if you don't make it in this cycle, I'd probably try to pay off as much debt as I can if I were you. Maybe use that time to try to make your application stronger (GRE, GPA) if it's not already.
  3. kaleks

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    Huh weird, I wonder if they're just really running behind this year, but that might be a bit too optimistic haha Goodluck on your interview at Jefferson!
  4. kaleks

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    Hi everyone, just wanted to start a thread for everyone who applied for UPenn. Has anyone heard back from the admission committee? If so, when did you apply and how long before did you get an interview? Good luck everyone
  5. kaleks

    Help please! am a new nurse.

    Hi you two! Don't worry too much. You'll know what to do once you pass the nclex exam. ;D My sister also graduated from a nursing school back home last 2008. She took the nclex exam last July and she just started working last September.
  6. kaleks

    Lone Star CyFair Spring 2010

    Hi everyone! I'm excited for the orientation as well! but I was wondering, what do we need to bring? (paperworks) Thanks!