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PediatricCTICURN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric CTICU.

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  1. PediatricCTICURN

    Do not know where to being to make my app better

    Hey all!! I am overwhelmed with the idea of retaking numerous classes in order to be a competitive applicant for CRNA school. I really want to pursue CRNA and really want to take the steps to make my application more competitive - the only thing I struggle with where exactly to begin. I have my BSN with a cum GPA of 3.25 and a science GPA of 2.83 (I know I struggled with core sciences right out of high school) I got a 309 on the GRE and have with in the Pediatric CTICU at a level one trauma center and teaching hospital for the past 3.5 years. I am VAD, CRRT, Preceptor trained, I have been involved in numerous evidenced based projects on the unit, have been the chair of out unit based counsel for the past 2 years. Additionally I have been on 2 medical mission trips, as well as a clinical instructor at nursing program at a local community college. I have done several days of shadowing - gone to numerous information sessions and I am so excited about pursuing this career path. I applied last year and rightfully got declined - for mostly what I believe is my GPA. I just struggle with how to go about improving it - two of the schools said undergraduate science courses (per my undergraduate program they will only allow me to repeat of of the courses that I did the worst in - but that will only improve my science GPA to around 3.05 which I believe isnt quite enough). I have read alot about retaking courses on other forums and idk which was works best for most people. Online at UNE? OSU? or is it better to trying and get on a waitlist for a community college in my area and get into one of their classes? Any advice anyone has for me would be extremely appreciated!
  2. PediatricCTICURN

    Samuel Merritt Fall 2020 Start

    Hey! We’re in the SRNA forum so this is for the CRNA program!
  3. PediatricCTICURN

    Pediatric Exp & Loan Repayment

    Hey guys! I’m sure there are a ton of posts on this subject! I’m a Peds Cardiac ICU nurse and my husband is a Physical Therapist and we’re in overwhelming debt from our degrees and are interested in enlisting to travel somewhere new and hopefully get some loans paid off. I was just curious in anyone’s experience as a pediatric nurse joining most likely the army and if anyone has experience with loan repayment? Unfortunately over 50% of mine is private and I don’t think they help with those, but with federal loans? Any information helps!
  4. PediatricCTICURN

    Samuel Merritt Fall 2020 Start

    I applied at the end of September!
  5. PediatricCTICURN

    Samuel Merritt Fall 2020 Start

    Hello all!! I couldn't find a thread for this years applications for this coming fall so I figured I would start one!! Anyone else apply and waiting for anything from SMU? Igot an email today saying they completed a preliminary review of applications - just about had a heart attack! Fingers crossed for an interview!!
  6. PediatricCTICURN

    DNAP Keck School of Medicine at USC, CA

    Just finishing my application up for the class of 2023! Does anyone that got in last year mind sharing their stats and any recommendations as we prepare for the interview?!
  7. PediatricCTICURN

    Westminster CRNA 2020

    They called you today or yesterday?
  8. PediatricCTICURN

    Westminster CRNA 2020

    Ahh! Congrats guys! Feeling pretty anxious because with only 30 calls they're probably done and I didn't get a call - but good luck!
  9. PediatricCTICURN

    Westminster CRNA 2020

    Hey guys!! Any calls for interviews? This time last year I know They had already started calling and offering so just checking if anyone has gotten any updates!
  10. PediatricCTICURN

    Westminster CRNA 2020

    Hey Guys!! Finished my app a few weeks ago! Love the school, went a toured with the admissions counselor back in July! I am really hoping to get in because SLC has a lot of fun stuff to do - just really nervous for interviews! Also just finishing my applications to OHSU, Samuel Merritt, and U of Southern California! Cant wait!!
  11. PediatricCTICURN

    USC (Southern California) 2020

    Hey guys, Just figured I would get the forum opened up for those of you that are applying to the USC CRNA class starting May 2020 since the application is supposed to be opening up today! Anyone start gathering their stuff together or attend an information session in the past?
  12. Hey Guys, As I am getting all my documents together for application season for CRNA school I looking back onto my undergrad classes and the time just out of high school where I was taking classes as biology major and not doing so well before I decided to pursue nursing. Depending on how you look at my science GPA its not very high (with all those lower level biology & chem classes that I just messed around talking) and by some schools standards not acceptable. If you take out the bio classes (I am not sure if most schools count this - but I don't think based on my research they do) I am around a 3.1 with chem and then the other required science classes (micro, biostats, physics, A&P). On the other spectrum I know some schools look at more recent grade which I at around a 3.8 with a cumulative of 3.24 (those beginning classes weigh a lot on my GPA). No excuses and I own the grades that I have, but I am wondering if it would be worthwhile to retake classes (I am already 3 years post nursing school) or if it would be more worthwhile to try and enroll in some graduate level courses and prove myself that way? Any thoughts would help!
  13. PediatricCTICURN

    GPA and GRE that you were accepted with?

    I have a question about GPA that I cannot seem to find the answer for. I am assuming that "science gpa" just includes the core sciences and not math and the actual nursing school classes.. is this correct?
  14. PediatricCTICURN

    Samuel Merritt CRNA Fall 2019 start

    If you guys don't mind my asking, what stats did you guys get in with??
  15. PediatricCTICURN

    CRNA School and Debt Advice

    Such an awesome response! Thank you so much for all that information! You make me look forward to applying and hopefully getting in even more than I already look forward to it!
  16. PediatricCTICURN

    VCU DNAP 2020 Applicants

    Hey guys, Just finishing up my application as well, I was reading last years app thread and was wondering do we actually put in to apply to different sites? Or they choose which sites you interview for?

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