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  1. VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    I'm in at NOVA, so grateful and humbled!
  2. VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    I interviewed last year at VCU, you can work full time for first 2 semesters
  3. VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    I'm done too!! Praying for a favorable outcome this year!! Good luck to us all
  4. GWU Hospital

    Yes I did take it and I'm still there.
  5. UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    I really wish they hadn't sent out that email Wednesday cuz now I'm expecting a decision one way or another but still haven't heard anything at this point. Oh well!!
  6. UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    LOL, someone else asked that recently. Not a NP, just letters in my name.
  7. UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    I was thinking the same thing
  8. UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    Nope still waiting.....
  9. Raleigh UNCG CRNA SNA

    Story of my life, literally same experience. Someone suggested that I just reach out to these 3 schools and see if they could give some feedback, maybe you could do the same. So yeah waitlisted at VCU, Wake and now UNCG.
  10. UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    How was the interview for all those that have already completed it and have any of you received acceptances??
  11. Raleigh UNCG CRNA SNA

    Just be patient, the worst that can happen is that you won't get in and that is not the end of the world. Just relax, whatever happens, happens my friend.
  12. Raleigh UNCG CRNA SNA

    I did my interview yesterday, they said we will all hear something by December 4th good or bad.
  13. Wake Forest CRNA 2020

    Anyone out there still applying to Wake or have you guys gotten any decisions from them. Still crickets on my end, wondering if I should just give them a call?
  14. VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    Not too early I was literally just searching for this thread. Thanks for starting it?
  15. Wake Forest CRNA 2020

    Has anyone heard back from WF just yet?? Any acceptances, waitlists or denials??