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  1. npwatson

    GWU Hospital

    I just got an offer from GW hospital and I am little conflicted about whether I should take it or not. I would be working in the ICU there which from what I understand has cardio, trauma, neuro and med/surg ICU's all in one. That aspect of the job is really exciting since I would have the opportunity to learn all these specialties in one place. I am currently at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring and I have 1-year experience in the ICU there. I'm curious to hear from the ICU nurses who have worked at GW, those who are working there or anyone who has any insider knowledge about what it is like there. I want to know if the nurses are happy, working conditions etc. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. npwatson

    Thoughts on Houston Northwest Medical Center

    Did you end up taking the position at either of these hospitals? Was there a contract and if so what were the terms. Can you also say what the salary is please. Any info would be greatly appreciated, I'm graduating week and contemplating a move from Miami to Houston. Thank you!!
  3. npwatson

    NYC Grad Job Prospects

    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my last few weeks of Nursing School and I am wondering what my options are for getting a job in NYC. My nursing school is in Miami so I didn't have the benefit of making any connections in NYC hospitals during rotations etc. I'm from that are so I just want to go back and not have to spend even more time in FL. I wanted to see if there's any advice for someone in my situation. Thank You.
  4. npwatson

    Duke AGNP Spring 2017

    Hello everyone and congratulations on being accepted to the spring 2017 cohort. I am planning to apply to the Fall 2017 program for either FNP or AGNP not quite sure yet. For those of you who have been accepted do you have any advice for the application process and also what were your stats is you don't mind sharing. GPA, number of years as RN and any other characteristics you feel helped you to get into the program. Thank you in advance.
  5. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Congratulations!!! I well be seeing you soon!!
  6. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Everyone please check your emails. I just got some fantastic news. I'm in!!!
  7. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    How did everyone's interviews go? Mine was awesome and my interviewer was really chill which helped me to relax a lot. I was thinking that Monday was probably the first day of interviews but it turns out it was the only day according to my interviewer For those of us that got interviewed though our chances are good. My interviewer said that about 50 students were invited for an interview and they are looking to accept 30 students. So unless we really messed up, then our chances are pretty good. I'm excited t hear about everyone else experience yesterday!!!!!
  8. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Mine is on Monday as well, We are probably getting interviewed on the first day I doubt we will have the privilege of any insider information. Are you going to be there for the 9 am or 1pm session?
  9. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    yayy!!! that is so exciting, I got my interview as well.
  10. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Has anyone heard back from them yet?
  11. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Nothing here either.
  12. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Hey I got this message from them on Friday, I'm guessing they sent it to everyone. I hope this means we will be hearing something more definitive soon. The email is pasted below. Dear Applicant, We wanted to reach out to you to notify you that we are still in the process of reviewing your application for entrance to the Accelerated Option BSN program within our college. You may have received a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions regarding a denial to the university, please disregard this letter. Due to the nature of our program, the application process does take some time, and because our program does not begin until the Fall MINI term, our system needs to be updated to reflect that for all of our applicants. We are expecting to reach the next step in our process (interviews) within the next month. Please keep an eye out for an email from us on whether you have been selected for an interview. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
  13. npwatson

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Yay! I'm so happy excited that we finally have a thread for this application cycle. I called recently and they said they will start reviewing our stuff this month so I guess we will be hearing back soon. I know my stats are good so I'm just trusting God to tak care of the rest. Best part of luck to everyone!!!
  14. npwatson

    2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    @me10 Where did you hear about that 3.65 gpa requirement for USF? I don't have a 3.65 and I plan on applying there too for fall, because even if I do get into UF I may not be able to start in the summer. I already attend USF so it would be an easier transition as well. I'm guessing that 3.65 is an average as opposed to an actual requirement. Please let me know if this is not the case though.
  15. npwatson

    I was ACCEPTED today!!!

    Congratulations! Way to go.