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  1. VCU CRNA 2023

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to create a thread for the vcu CRNA 2023. Has anyone submitted their application yet ?
  2. Asherah

    VCU CRNA DNAP 2021

    It's insanely early to think about this, but here's a thread for anyone applying for the VCU DNAP cohort set to begin January 2021, the application window is open! Are you studying for your GRE yet? ?
  3. CRNA question for VCU

    I intend to apply to the CRNA program for the 2023 academic year. My key concerns are 1. my GPA is on the lower end of the acceptable range, and 2. my current ICU experience will be a couple years removed from application date.Please see my current q...
  4. VCU ABSN Summer 2022

    Hi everyone! I applied to the VCU ABSN Program for Summer 2022 and was wondering if anyone else had applied as well! I'm in the middle of taking the necessary prerequisites and an admissions counselor said the essay and letters of rec matter the...
  5. VCU DNAP CRNA 2022

    Hello!! This is a thread for those applying to VCU’s DNAP program (Jan 2022 start)! The application is now open so feel free to share where you are in your app process, any questions, advice, etc!
  6. VCU ABSN Summer 2021

    Hi there!! I applied to VCU's ABSN program for Summer 2021. I am so nervous being that we should get the yay or nay email on Monday. Has anyone else applied? Are you nervous? They said it was a holistic approach to acceptance, my GPA is a 3.49 f...
  7. Thoughts on CRNA school rankings: UPenn vs VCU

    Wondering thoughts on UPenn's Program vs VCU's? I know VCU is ranked #1 but how do you think it compares overall to UPenn? Recently accepted to both and trying to make a difficult decision!
  8. VCU ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey guys!! I am applying into VCU ABSN's Program for Summer 2019! I am excited and very hopeful to start this application journey. My GPA is not the best. I was a biology major prior to deciding that a nursing is right for me! I am currently a scribe...
  9. VCU DNAP 2020 Applicants

    Hi everyone! wanted to start a thread for ppl applying to VCU DNAP program starting January 2020, where we can all share our stats and talk through the application process! Goodluck to all ?
  10. VCU FNP Fall 2021

    Hi all, I recently just applied to VCU's FNP program for fall of 2021. I know their decision process is still on going and I wanted to see if anyone has heard back from them. Thanks!