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Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

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How many days did it take for your references to submit their evaluation?? I sent them the request 2 days ago and I am still waiting...I am afraid they will not complete them by Sep 10 :-sss

Mine were done the same night, but I emailed them ahead of time to let them know to be on the lookout.


that was very nice of them! :) I too e-mailed mine right before hitting the send request button, told them to check their junk email as well. I again asked them today if they received the email from Vanderbilt and they replied yes, but they said they haven`t had a chance to the reference yet so I guess I have to give them a couple more days...

I'd stay on them about it. Let them know that they are they only thing missing from your application. Good luck!

Yes, very good advice, thanks!!:) Good luck to you as well!

Hi everyone,

I am also applying to the program although my hopes are super high. Like others, I just finished a one year ABSN program, finishing with a 3.95. As I didn't have any time to volunteer or work nor the opportunity to do a specialized preceptorship, I hope the GPA helps. Just finishing up my Letter of Intent now but still not sure exactly what to write, mostly have talked about how my experiences as an athletic trainer in an orthopeadic clinic has lead me to want to pursue Trauma ICU. Does anyone else mind sharing what they put?

I'm glad to see a lot of out of staters on this board! I currently live in Jersey City, previously Brooklyn and did my first degree in the South. Congrats and good luck to everyone! Glad to see this page started and hope to hear updates soon!


Hello all. So glad I found this thread. Iam applying for the Adult critical care track. I too did the ABSN program so I don't really have much to put for experiences. I was wondering how long are your letter of intent? Will one page suffice? Also are you all writing it in a cover letter format or an essay format?

Thanks and nice to meet you all. I hope we can all get to TN.

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Human Resources said something like this: write a Letter of Intent.-explaining your interest in Vanderbilt, the program, and your track selection. I wrote 1 page and just tried to explain why I chose Vanderbilt and their program, and why I wanted the Adult Medicine/Progressive/Surgical track.

Wow! wish i would have found this thread sooner. i also applied to the winter residency program. However, being in an accelerated program they do not allow us to work so i dont have any work history in the last 6 months and no community service that was not required by the school because we have been doing tons with school. Really hoping i can atleast just make it to the interview round. Goodluck everyone!!!!

Hi there,

Is anyone applying for the SICU track?

not sure where everyone is applying! I applied for nicu

Thank you @DeenaCatalina !! @futurenurse1214 I have the same issue. was in the ABSN and so now i have an empty experience form :( feel like its gonna work against my chances. btw I applied to CVICU.

i'm so nervous/excited to hear back! if we are lucky enough to get an interview, when would we do them? beginning/mid october?

Well, there seems to be a lot of us ABSN's posting on this thread, so at least we're in good company. All we can do is apply.

from what ive read on other threads from previous residnecy classes they have found out near end of september about interviews and interviews started around second week of october


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I applied for the Adult Emergency tract. Good luck everyone!