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Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

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I think that any recent healthcare related experiences would help an application, but I am not sure of how much - that is for the admissions committee to decide. By the time I graduate from my accelerated program this December I will only have been working as a tech for 7 months, but I am hoping that my volunteerism/involvement will help to buffer my application. I feel like the most important thing for me to do now is to write a powerful cover letter and get this first part of the app in. How much progress have you folks made?

I'm working on the second part of the application right now, and they only care about work/volunteer/leadership experience in the past 6 months, and they're looking for substantial amounts of time (more than 166 hours I think was one option, over 600 I think was another, who has this kind of time on their hands?) The message this sends me is accelerated people need not apply, because no one in my program worked or volunteered, ABSN is your life, it's impossible to do anything else! I'm really depressed about this, :no: but I'm going to apply anyway. The worst they can do is say no.

I say don't get down about it. They may take this into account for accelerated program applicants and they may not, who knows. Either way try to stay hopeful. What does the second part of the app entail? I'm still tweaking the first part because I have been busy with work

There's a part where you chose your track, an experience form where you detail volunteer/work/leadership, the letter of intent, a place to upload a transcript/resume, and they want 4 clinical references from clinical instructors only. There is also a section for VISA sponsorship, (hmmm, aren't there enough Americans applying?)

You're right, I'm not going to get down about it. I am what I am an I can't change it. I couldn't have done any more in school if I wanted to. I'm just crossing my fingers that I get into an excellent nurse residency.

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Ah nvrmind I totally forgot about my peda and maternity professors lol

how is it going for everyone? i'm waiting on one more letter of recommendation and then my application will be complete! according to other all nurses posts, we should hear back around the last week of september. do you guys think that's about right?

Hey KMDillon, I just sent in the first part of my application today. I have been busy with work and family has been in town so it took me a week to make sure everything was in order, etc. I hope they don't see that as a lack of interest on my part, because I am coutning all of my lucky stars everyday that I get selected to attend the residency. I have all of my references ready to write their recommendations. What does the reference entail? Is there a form they fill out or is it free-form?

Also, are there other threads regarding this residency on this website or elsewhere? There aren't as many people active in this thread as I initially thought there would be.

I wonder if this time of year is an off-time for residencies? I applied to one in North Carolina too, and that thread is dead as well.

Hi Everyone,

We just moved to Nashville, and I am also applying for the Vandy winter 2015 cohort. I also did accelerated nursing in Ga, and didn't have the chance to work or volunteer. I graduated in May 2104 and I passed NCLEX in Jun. I am working on my license endorsement for TN.

I am currently working on my letter of intent and I sent for my reference last Friday, but i'm afraid i might get them until next week, since my school is a summer break. Nice to meet you all!

KSUhopeful749, congrats on your graduation and NCLEX success. I am awaiting the second part of the application so you certainly shouldn't feel behind. Welcome to this thread!

... nevermind. I answered my own question. lol

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I'm just waiting on references to come in then I can submit my app. I'm applying for the pediatric acute & specialty care track.

I'm from WI and have been licensed here for 2 months and can't seem find a job around here. I initially planned on applying for the Summer 2014 cohort but last fall's semester was extremely busy and it slipped my mind. By the time I remembered there was 5 days left to submit everything so I just let it go. I was so upset with myself for forgetting because I've wanted to apply for this program since high school.

GPA was 3.79, volunteer with Children's Miracle Network and the local children's hospital. I don't work in healthcare but I work with kids (and subsequently have plenty of experience dealing with their families ;)). Volunteered here and there with hearing and vision screenings at schools. Was a part of my school's SNA as well as had memberships with WSNA and NSNA. We'll see how it goes I guess.

I applied to Adult Acute Medicine/Acute Progressive/Acute Surgical. It was a hard choice, because I'd also love women's or peds.

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Hello everyone

I am working on my second portion of the application process, and I'm applying to the critical care track. I really hope that the volunteer hours won't hurt me. I work one full time job, and PRN job. I basically work full time hours at my PRN job. This will be my second career but not my first in medicine.

Good luck to all

Well, my application is submitted! I am feeling hopeful and wish you all the very best of luck!