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  1. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    i've been accepted to the burn ICU!!!!! congrats to all my new coworkers! for those who didn't get in, don't be discouraged! something else will come along soon i'm sure
  2. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    i interviewed for the burn unit on 10/9 and the status was changed on 11/14
  3. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    mine says under consideration as well. as i was logging in my heart was racing SO FAST. what do you think this means for us!?! besides being under consideration......
  4. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    xpressel38--- yes I am still in the city! i went to NYU. happy november everyone! time is flying but i'm dying to know the results already. just a few more weeks!
  5. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! and don't be discouraged to those who've been waitlisted--- it can still happen! i'll be flying down for my interview on the 9th. so excited :)
  6. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    Did anyone else receive an email from HR telling them that there's an opening in the Fall 2014 Acute Care Nurse Residency Pilot Program and to apply? I'm not sure if this is the next step in the process or totally unrelated to my already submitted ap...