Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

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Hi, I just graduated with a BSN. I wanted to know if any one who got accepted to Vanderbilt is willing share their experience so far ? I am going to apply for the Summer of 2015. Any pointers that any one is willing to share ?


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I just received an email from Tracey. I have been waitlisted for an interview for the Pediatric Acute and Specialty track. I'm not sure how I feel. A little bitter sweet, I'm glad I made the waitlist and I hope to get an email for an interview. Fingers crossed! Best of luck to everyone!


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I was wait listed as well! Very disappointed.... Hoping i get that email for an interview as well


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There is still hope for us plg0006! I wish there was some way we could find out where we stand on the waitlist and how long it is.


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Hi everyone!

I am interviewing for this summer's cohort and was wondering if you could tell me how you are liking the residency program so far?


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Hello! I am about to start the summer nurse residency program at Vanderbilt in the Adult Acute Medicine track!!! I was wondering about the onboarding process and the first few weeks of the program! If anyone could give me some details of the first few weeks that would be great! I really appreciate it!!!


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Hi @bcdawber. I'm not sure if you still get on this but I thought it was worth a try. I'm going to be applying for the NICU residency at Vanderbilt and was wondering if you had any tips? Thanks!