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Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

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hi, I am planning on applying as well, but I have a question? Does Vanderbilt have a reference form that has to be filled out? How does it want the references to be written? I am trying to get all the info I need to pass on to my clinical instructors who are to write letters of recommendation...

Thank you


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You enter your instructors email and it automatically sends them whatever form it is they need to fill out. It's all done electronically.

Did you guys include what track you are applying to in the cover letter, at the beginning of the application?

I didn't. I included that in my letter of intent I believe.

No, I didn't. I wrote about what track I wanted in my letter of intent and wrote about my relevent preceptorship experience. What tracks are you guys asking for?

I want to clarify. I only mentioned it in the cover letter. As in one sentence. After all it is a cover letter for a job. I figured why not mention the job? I applied for the adult critical care track.

Craig, you didn't discuss your track choice in the letter of intent as well?

I was only trying to explain that I merely mentioned it in my cover letter.

hi everyone! did anyone else apply for the burn track?

I think you are the only one on this messageboard kmdillon.

OK, thank you everyone, I was still undecided about which track to apply to, but I believe I`m gonna go for critical care.

So is the part on the application where 4 clinical preceptor references is needed after the initial 10 steps?

Yes the reference portion is in the second portion of the application.

Hey everyone!

I am also applying for the Winter 2015 cohort, Women's Health track! I have submitted all of my application sections, so now I'm just waiting for an email at the end of September! I graduated with my BSN is May 2014 from an accelerated, night/weekend program for working adults. Therefore, I have no volunteer experiences or leadership to put on my application. I have 4 small children, and had NO time for anything other than school work and taking care of my babies. From what I understand, Vandy uses a point system to rate each potential applicant, and the highest rated get the positions. So I know I'm at a disadvantage having no points for volunteering or leadership, or work experience. I'm hopeful that my 3.80 GPA and a good interview will keep me in the game. Women's Health is my passion, it always has been. In fact, it's what got me into nursing school in the first place. I pray that this opportunity gives me the chance to orient into L&D, and I can STAY there! lol Good luck to everyone! I will be sure to update after I hear something back next month. At least they send out rejection emails, as well, so there is no wondering...a bit of a silver lining, anyway!

I received an email that my packet is officially complete, and I'll hear something the last week of September. *fingers crossed*