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Hello! I'm posting here to get any feedback from previous UWSoN students or current prenursing students who are applying for the 2019 cohort. A little bit about me is that I'm currently a student at OC in Washington, my prereq GPA for UW's required classes is about a 3.81 and my cumulative GPA is a 3.7. I have been working as a CNA/Medication assistant for almost half a year and will be continuing working until I move to Seattle for school. Any advice is greatly appreciated on housing, how to study for the proctored essay, and any way to better my chances! Thank you!

Hi hdak, I too am applying for UW BSN 2019!! It's my first time and I assume from your post it's your first time too. I can't believe the 2019 thread has already begun!! *screams*

My stats: At time of application, will have General Chem, Organic Chem, A&P I and Nutrition complete. My cumulative GPA is 3.85, and my prereq GPA is currently, well, a 4.0 because Gen Chem is the only one I have completed so far. Currently doing my clinical externship as a medical assistant and will be able to start working as one in September or end of August. Have around 600 volunteer hours at Evergreen ER, Kaiser Permanente Mammography, animal shelter, plus teaching and leadership at my mosque and a nonprofit school in my community.

I hope more people show up soon!! I think every year the number of people applying grows...last year it was 640 and they had only 64 SPOTS. that's beyond insane...Crossing my fingers for the both of us!


I'm also trying to get into UW's nursing school also! I'm currently a UW student and this will be my first time applying as well :)

By the time of my application, I'll have a cumulative gpa of around a ~3.65, but my prereq gpa will most likely be around a ~3.3 :(

I've been working as a cna at a nursing home for about 9 months so far and have been volunteering at other hospitals as well, so perhaps I'll reach around 1000 healthcare hours by the time I apply.

Good luck to both of you guys applying, hopefully we all will get in haha xD

orange, I wouldn't worry about that prereq GPA much at all. Your 9 months of CNA experience is more than what many people have when they apply, and anyway, we all know that acceptance into UW is definitely not all about the numbers. I recently just started my first job as a medical assistant and was able to complete general Bio (not a prereq for UW, but hopefully will strengthen my application) and Nutrition...now organic chem and A&p to go :inlove:

Does it make anyone else antsy that applications open in October?? I'm carrying a notebook around with me everywhere at my job so I can jot down any patient situations that may be relevant to my personal statement. I want to sit down and start thinking about exactly how to approach it since I come from such a unique situation compared to many other applicants:whistling:

Hey all! I had applied to UW SON last fall and got waitlisted due to the cut in the number of students accepted. I will also be reapply for the 2019 cohort. Hopefully they bring the number of accepted back up to the original 96!

@acraig2--I agree with "Hopefully they bring the number of accepted back up to the original 96! " I got waitlisted last time as well due to the cuts. So here we go again.......Yay!

You guys, the thread has grown! I was at the BSN info session Tuesday and Adrian said there will be 80 spots this year....that's right...EIGHTY.


He also said last time was 610 applicants and they expect around 700 this year. So! Wishing us all the best of luck!!

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing with the application. :)

Hi Nicurn! My extremely delayed response: doing okay! How about the rest of y'all?

I also have a question. For folks who've done CNA or any kind of healthcare training programs, are you including your clinical hours/externships under Healthcare experience in your resume? My MA clinical externship was a month long in a cardiology clinic and 160 hours which I feel is quite a bit. However, I was still in "School" at the time...what do you think?

I definitely would include the hours for your externship! Every bit helps. Happy Holidays!

Thanks NICUR, I decided to put it in. The only problem now is that my resume is sitting at 1200 words...and I don't honestly know yet how I'll trim it. How are you guys doing? Four weeks left!!

Application was turned in last week. Now the waiting begins. Good luck

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