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This get rich quick scheme is all it amounts too. He did no harm to them and helped them since that is why they were having the hysterectomies to begin with. If he marks the organs what does it matter what with...its not like it was satanic symbol. I live just south of Lexington, where this happened and the local news reported she was claiming trauma to her kids...because they saw the video..now I believe the trauma would have resulted from having the mother show her children a video of her hysterectomy. If these women win this case, it will be a crime...the most he should get is reprimanded. Now tell me why he would video his surgeries if he thought he would get sued...doesn't make sense in this day and time. Bogus lawsuits are making it impossible for doctors to afford . PLEEEEZE.


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I did not know this nutcase showed the video to her kids (how did she get her hands on a video of this anyhow?)......SHE is the one who ought to be taken to court---to have them taken away..what kind of mother subjects her kids to such a viewing?


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Originally posted by 2amigos

She also had been given a videotape, and watched it after she experienced hemorrhaging following the surgery.

I also find fault with this statement. Whomever wrote this wrote it as if her hemorrhaging had anything in the world to do with the branding. It's irrelevant.

I didn't read where she let her kids watch it. How old are/were they?

I guess I just find fault with the patient having a tape of the procedure at all. They can't read their charts without a medical person with them to interpret what they may read, why would we send them home with video of a procedure they know absolutely nothing about? Seems kind of like the doc was just asking for trouble. Hopefully it's a lesson learned.



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I hadn't read that anyone had shown it to their children either.

The reason they had a video tape of it is because this particular doctor takes his patients through the surgery before he does it. He shows them the operating room, explains what he will be doing, etc. He videotapes every surgery and gives the one and only copy of it to each patient for them to keep.

The woman that initially started the law suite didn't even watch the video tape til months it was completed. She didn't even know what the K and U stood for til she asked the doctor why he branded the uterus and why he used those letters.

I can see how using your alma matter might be seen as insensitive or in poor taste but really, all this money to all these women? I saw an interview with some of his other patients who could give a rats --- about what he did with it. They were just so happy to get it out.

And for what's it worth I saw in interview with the Doctor and he seemed really nice and not a pompous jerk at all. He was really upset by all of this. Obviously, my first paragraph says something about his bed side manner.

I also agree with Heather that I think this woman has issues about coming to terms with her hysterectomy.


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I work with a couple of people that have seen him as a patient or have family that sees him and he is one of the most of respected in the area and they just love him.

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I had a hyst this past year, and I could give a flying fig if the doctor had "branded" my uterus. Like, who cares? It's just going to disposed of anyway! Sheesh! I was just glad the blasted thing was OUT of my body finally!!


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Have to agree with sphinx. Had a hysterectomy and could have not given a rats rear what he marked it with. Duh, it's gone anyway.


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P.S. Glad she did not see what they did to it after they removed it. Does she think they have a moment of silence for it after they remove it to show it some respect?


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If the Doctor is going to take my uterus out, I don't care what he does to it! He can wear it as a hat to his next meeting for all I care as long as the sucker is gone!!!!


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Originally posted by wb

P.S. Glad she did not see what they did to it after they removed it. Does she think they have a moment of silence for it after they remove it to show it some respect?


I think I just blew hot chocolate out of my nose.


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I have included a link here that has a photo of the so-called "branding" and a copy of the court filing of the lawsuit.

I'm an engineer and not well enough versed to tell exactly what the photo is showing. Perhaps one of you might be able to tell.

I browsed through the court filing of the lawsuit and to me it looks like what I would expect from some sleazy lawyers trying to get pain/suffering $$. Just my opinion.




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When I had my hysterectomy, the doctor could have branded his initials, his college, and the pledge of allegiance as long as he took it out. This is another reason I am left in limbo wondering whether I am going to have a doctor or not because of frivolous lawsuits. She needs to get a life.

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