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Utah RN pay, Salt Lake City area


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44 minutes ago, Smsanch2 said:

It’s now July 2019. Just wanted to mention that I was working as a California RN for a unionized hospital... then moved to Utah three years ago because of my husband’s new job in law enforcement. Let me tell you how much that tremendous pay-cut had left me feeling so depressed and wanting to go back home since the moment I found out how much I was getting paid here in UT. Apparently now I’m on the “higher pay grade” but still nowhere near what I was making in CA. Idk any other experienced CA nurse making the move I did. There’s a good reason why.

I tell my brother a version of your last two sentences when he suggests I make a move out to TN. CA ‘minimum’ wage retail workers now make way more than the quoted wages I’ve seen for that state.

My grandson was going to move to CO from CA to live with his mom. When arranging the transfer for his retail job, he found out that the position paid $3 an hour less in CO. All of a sudden he decided he didn’t need to move, and less than 60 days later he just got an almost a dollar more pay raise. Since this is his first job out of high school I would say he learned the first lesson of Economics 101 quite well through personal experience.