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I love to travel and eat. I'm in major debt and its all good :)

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  1. heatherisbetter

    Nightingale College?

    PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS SCHOOL. The pass rate is terrible, I know students who have taken NCLEX over 5 times and still not passed...
  2. heatherisbetter

    Canadian RN seeking work in Utah

    Do you know Lucy by any chance? PM me.
  3. heatherisbetter

    Nightingale College

    AVOID AT ALL COST!! I work at IMC and have had 3 people on my unit that got hired there that HAVE NOT passed NCLEX. Some have taken it more than 5 times.....Each of them has had to be demoted to CNA. Just beware the pass rate for that school is TERRIBLE.
  4. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University

    Yes you can with the right experience necessary for those programs post graduation
  5. is there someone who has used the ATI comp review book and passed it that will PM me?
  6. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    hey Margaret. I am graduating from the BSN program in Utah in 2 weeks!! Id be happy to answer any questions you have. Here or facebook message me @ Heather Borg.
  7. heatherisbetter

    Nurses Week 2016 Freebies

    Jaanuu scrubs is offering 30% off with code: NURSESWEEK
  8. heatherisbetter

    Meaning of your username?

    I called myself a blue goldfish in the 90s so I feel you.. Old SN I'maBlueGoldfish
  9. heatherisbetter

    USAGPAN - Army, VA or civilian route?

    the only insight I can offer is that VA employees do get continuing pay on top of tuition but it's an extremely competitive route.
  10. heatherisbetter

    USAGPAN 2017

    thats something I was wondering... Can you bring your family with you?? I just have a husband and dog but being away/deployed for a year or more would be pretty rough I think.
  11. heatherisbetter

    Tips for saving money/paying for CRNA school?

    While it's not for everyone, joining the military would = free schooling and a paycheck while in school. Sure you have to serve afterwards (and the time commitment varies), but the time would pass either way and the service is invaluable!
  12. heatherisbetter

    Started career at a SNF and now nobody is hiring me

    Make sure your resume reflects what you learn. One of my friends worked at a SNF for a year and because he wrote an amazing resume he had tons of job offers when he began to search elsewhere. Play up how much you have learned about different medications, assessment and disease processes. Just a tip and good luck!
  13. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    If you are doing ABSN you would essentially be working on your own time. There would be an open lab that you would sign up online for, again kind of on your own schedule. Depending on the length of the the class you would have a review day on campus the day before the exam and then be on campus for the exam. Most reviews are morning sessions (8-12) and the testing can be all day with a longer lunch break depending on how large your "class" is. Most test days for my class of 50 are done by 2. If you are doing traditional BSN its a bit different and I would explain if that is what you are pursuing.
  14. heatherisbetter

    Float Nurse Senior Practicum

    Hi AN I finally got my senior practicum and I am so excited to get into float nursing. I think this opportunity will give me a wide range of patient populations and I will be able to really develop my assessment and nursing skills. I would love some helpful tips, reference guides you would think are beneficial and I am asking for any and all advise you have to offer... PLUS they are hiring, so if I do well (and I like it of course), it could be a potential job offer.
  15. heatherisbetter

    Scary Situation

    There was no residency at this facility as well, and the supervisors were talking about this person after he had left. They said that he was "not a good fit" and that he would be off the floor this week. I am not sure what that means as far as if he was reassigned or not but I felt terrible for him. I think a long orientation will help you gain your skills, just be steadfast!
  16. heatherisbetter

    Scary Situation

    Are you going into a residency program? I highly recommend that for a new nurse because it is very focused for the job you will be working, if it is not an option I wish you luck and use icufaqs.org as much as you can. I have also seen nurses let go from their ICU positions because they didnt catch on fast enough or werent a good fit. I really hope you make it, but try not to let it get you too down if you dont because you already know of this situation.

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