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I love to travel and eat. I'm in major debt and its all good :)

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  1. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University

    Yes you can with the right experience necessary for those programs post graduation
  2. heatherisbetter

    Scary Situation

    There was no residency at this facility as well, and the supervisors were talking about this person after he had left. They said that he was "not a good fit" and that he would be off the floor this week. I am not sure what that means as far as if he was reassigned or not but I felt terrible for him. I think a long orientation will help you gain your skills, just be steadfast!
  3. heatherisbetter

    Scary Situation

    Are you going into a residency program? I highly recommend that for a new nurse because it is very focused for the job you will be working, if it is not an option I wish you luck and use icufaqs.org as much as you can. I have also seen nurses let go from their ICU positions because they didnt catch on fast enough or werent a good fit. I really hope you make it, but try not to let it get you too down if you dont because you already know of this situation.
  4. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    I Only have a few tests left, I think one, and so far all of my tests have been multiple choice or select all that apply. I have had a couple true false questions. Getting a 90% is very doable because with each test you get a group test and that automatically adds Points to your score. Also, You are able to to "challenge" questions and that will save you too! I have never had to remediate is a block but you have more than three chances to pass so you should be all good. There's really nothing to worry about if you have any questions ask me.
  5. heatherisbetter

    Drug Testing: After being accepted

    Took a pee test... All the people in my class (some that are active smokers) passed and continue to pass periodic tests. Just be smart because theses are people's lives you are dealing with in the work force...
  6. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    I have really liked the program here in Utah, the admission requirements are as stated but I was able to get in with kind of bad grades, I think because this program is newer here and they are filling seats. I am not sure that I could do the ABSN... the teachers here really are helpful and want to see everyone do well but I am not sure how it works with the ABSN. Coincidentally, we are having an ABSN orientation starting today in the room next door. So far so good for me in the BSN program.. Luckily, I haven't had issues with the testing or worried about failing out at all. The program is "18 months" and I have 7 months and 30 days to go it really does fly by!
  7. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    Ethnurse, what about the BSN program? It is the same amount of time(in the end with comp predictors) The teachers will do reviews or games to help you focus on what to study but there are still blocks that you pretty much need to study your brains off. With our program there are many student study groups you just have to find the people you can study with the best.
  8. heatherisbetter

    CRNA and patient death

    Lol shows how much I know.. I was just aware that CRNAs were required to hold very expensive insurance to avoid a lawsuit over patient death but if its as rare as you all make it seems, I have less to worry about which is GOOD :)
  9. heatherisbetter

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    Hey you guys I am in the BSN program at Utah right now.. only 8 months to go!! Id be happy to answer any questions that you have... I am pretty active on this site. Just PM me or if you don't have enough posts comment to me and I will respond best I can. I am loving this school program and the pace and have no had issues with the testing formats at all.
  10. heatherisbetter

    CRNA and patient death

    Or if there are previous topics on this I would love a link :) THANKS AN
  11. heatherisbetter

    CRNA and patient death

    So I have been researching on where I want to end up and CRNA has stuck for about a year. The question I want to ask current CRNAs is what is it like in the OR when a patient crashes and ultimately dies? What about complications of anesthesia that lead to death? I know that a lot of the times the death will fall back on the anesthesia team and I am just wondering how that has affected you as a provider(and I am aware you must carry insurance). This is something that I know no one wants to experience but I have to be real and know that it happens. Can anyone share thoughts or experiences?
  12. heatherisbetter

    How hard is it really to get a 4.0 in Nursing school

    My school requires everyone to pass all tests with a 90% or above or they fail out of the program... basically we all get 4.0s here. Its hard but my class of 50 seems to be doing well
  13. heatherisbetter

    NCLEX results!

    75 questions is a good thing! unless you felt like you royally bombed it, I would feel confident you passed!
  14. heatherisbetter

    Why Colorado Nurses need a Union

    As you can tell Colorado nurses want a union but what are they going to do? I think that ALL states should have nursing unions! People are just afraid to stir the pot and no one wants to get the ball rolling....
  15. heatherisbetter

    would having both of a BSN and a BS in..

    Ughhhh I have a BS in health promotion and education and im getting my BSN. The first degree is utterly worthless (except it cost me 40k). I will be in serious debt when I graduate but having both degrees is not gonna get me a dime extra, it was my own fault I screwed around in school the first time.
  16. heatherisbetter

    A little venting, from a new nurse

    Are there not nursing unions to tackle these issues? I know not all states have them (mine doesn't) but I think it is important and scares future nurses too!