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UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018


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Can you also add me to group 214 868-7479

Hello All,

I am new to this thread. I would also be interested in joining any other communication group. What is the name of the Facebook group?

I have applied to UTA BSN online program and hope to be accepted to the Spring 2018 program. I have to take Pharmacology, Medical Terminology and Intro to nursing this fall.

I wAnna be added to the group also!

Does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for spring 18'?

Hi! I am just now finding this group and starting to panic. I feel like my admission advisor was unclear about all of these requirements for admission. Perhaps, I didn't ask the correct question's. I am not sure how best to be competitive, working at a hospital is not practical at this time. I do have two years working (unpaid) as an ombudsman on behalf of the Department of Aging and Disabilities. I knew it would be competitive, but I felt like I had a strong science GPA (3.2) and slightly higher program GPA. My degree is in Public Health.

My ultimate goal is to work in gerontology either as a case/care manager, hospice, or move on to get my NP in geriatrics. I could do a few of those jobs with a Master's but I would love to provide actual patient care, so I decided BSN was my best/fastest route. it would appear getting into a MSW program would easier.

Help! if there is still a group going please add me. I am planning on Applying for Fall 2018, but I am completely lost on what I need to do to increase my chances of being accepted. For anyone interested, I am taking my 4/6 pre-req's this semester with Technical writing, Intro to nursing, statistics, and Patho. -insert panicked person's face here-

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I've applied to Spring 2018 AO and on campus in Dallas. I would like to be part of the group whatsapp or if there is a Facebook page up, I'm down for that too!!

Hey guys, I have created a private FB group, please post your email, and I will be sure to add you to the group. Thanks much-Aime

Hello I am a prospective student for AO 2018 class hopefully , currently taking pre requisites . Can you add me to this group ? Bmzlatte@gmail.com

topkat, ADN, RN

Specializes in NICU, DC planning, Neurosurgery, Inf Dis. Has 37 years experience.

I would like to be added to your group. I'm going for my BSN after 37 years as an ADN. wish me luck!!!

email address: topkat_40@msn.com

Hi everyone!

I just found out that I was accepted into the AO-BSN program yesterday. I was also accepted into the on-campus program, and now have to decide rather quickly which program to do. Is anyone else in the same boat? I am leaning towards the online program because it is shorter, but I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts/advice.