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UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018


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Hi all! The prerequisites for applying to the online ABSN are a little hard to find in a straightforward list... I have a bachelors degree already but from the prereq page I found, it LOOKS like they have additional math and gen ed courses I didn't do back in the dark ages. All the other programs just seem to need 4-5 things related to A&P, Chem, Biochem, and Stats - is UTA a lot different? I just want the BSN so I can go straight into a PMHNP program (I already have a masters in that area, am licensed to diagnose and treat mental disorders, and 20+ years in practice) and I can handle 15 months of ABSN, plus another couple of years PMHNP, but if I have to go back and do a year of freshman Gen Ed (after 108 graduate hours already!), that would be REALLY discouraging. I'll be calling admissions this week, but it's good to know details in case I get someone who only knows the "robot" answers (which seems to happen more often that not, lol).


I am also taking pre-requisite courses for AO-BSN at UTA. Please add me to the Facebook page of the group. My email address is sbarua126@gmail.com

I am still not added.


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I tried to search for this group on Facebook but there wasn't one. My email isjade.hudson11@yahoo.com if there is a secret group to be added to.

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Good luck everyone! I graduate from this program in 2 weeks and it was difficult, but well worth it!

I'm taking prerequisites courses AO-BSN at UTA and I'm apply for Spring 2019. Please add me to the Facebook page, my email address is lolsadeoye@yahoo.com


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Hi, am an applicant for the Spring 2019 BSN online program.I wanted to apply for the Fall but am still not ready to take the ATI TEAS.

Am also hoping to Take the 3 classes required: Patho, Intro to Nursing, and Pharmacology. I have all the prerequisites, how are you

guys studying/ studied for the TEAS? am worried about Reading.

I am no where ready to apply, I haven even taken Contemporary Math or Chemistry. I decided to take the TEAS without studying just to see what it was like and passed. You should be fine.

I am on the same boat. Have you finished your prere yet???