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  1. SunshineNRainbows

    Recent Grad: So Many Feelings...

    Hi everyone, I'm a recent grad, several months into my first job, and still fresh off orientation. Let me say I love my job, I love what I do, and I love my unit... but oh, the feelssssss... I know everyone talks about how hard the first year is, but it's hard whenever your in a low part not to think "this is because I suck, and I'm horrible". I have way more good days than bad, and everyone says it is ok to feel not good enough, that's how the beginning is until you gain experience and confidence. But how much of feeling like this is normal? Where is the line of, struggling as a new grad and struggling because you are horrible?
  2. SunshineNRainbows

    UWorld percentile

    I got borderline scores, and I took the test last Monday and passed in 75.
  3. SunshineNRainbows


    Ok, tough love time... I just passed in 75/76 (I don't remember anymore it's a little bit of a blur). Listening to everyone who says UWORLD is the best and just use that... you aren't everyone else, everyone needs to find what works for them. For me, I failed my Exit Exam, so I purchased the online Hurst review and I used UWorld for questions after reviewing content on Hurst. Funny part? I increased my general scores 25% points, and only made it halfway thru the Hurst review. But, it taught me how to approach and breakdown the questions, it taught me a different way to look at things and process the information, and that's what helped me pass. But, what worked for me, might not work for you. You need to see what your weaknesses were... and find a strategy for those difficult spots. I feel I've see a lot of people get so hung up on UWORLD and getting questions wrong, that they go crazy taking new notes and reviewing all their school notes. That's overload I feel... you need to know how to read the question (not in terms of language but in terms of NCLEX interpretation). Oh, my final UWORLD standing was 63 percentile! Sooooo....it's not bad, it's a great program with lots of great information, but it's not a cure all...
  4. SunshineNRainbows

    Who Knew 48 hours were that DREADFUL

    Wooooooo!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  5. SunshineNRainbows

    Who Knew 48 hours were that DREADFUL

    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!! My license posted!!!!!!!!!
  6. SunshineNRainbows

    Who Knew 48 hours were that DREADFUL

    29 minutes left!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I've been up since 5 checking the BON to see if anyone's license posted lol!
  7. SunshineNRainbows

    Who Knew 48 hours were that DREADFUL

    I'm in Houston too!!!
  8. SunshineNRainbows

    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    I am!!! But no results yet!
  9. SunshineNRainbows

    Who Knew 48 hours were that DREADFUL

    Wait you're in Texas too??? Funny if we were in the same testing center LOL
  10. SunshineNRainbows

    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    Yes!!! I tried it once yesterday, but today I was too scared!!!
  11. SunshineNRainbows

    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    ~ 19 hours left... this is killing me!
  12. SunshineNRainbows

    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    I feel the same way, I had a bunch of SATA and some stuff out of left field, but, um, I feel like it was too easy? I went to 76 questions though... so I'm freakin' out! I got the "good" popup too, but also I know it isn't terribly reliable, and maybe I tried it too soon... ugh these 2 days are gonna be painful!!!
  13. SunshineNRainbows

    Freaking out!!!

    Pretty sure I just bombed NCLEX... only 76 q's and most seemed "easy", yeah there was a number of SATA but there was also what seemed like multiple similar q's. I'm terrified and these 48 hours are going to be painful!!!!
  14. SunshineNRainbows

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    Girl, I am at a different hospital system and I live in my figs! Even when I'm not at work, so comfy my non-medically inclined husband bought several pairs instead of sweats!
  15. SunshineNRainbows

    I need HELP! Texas Nurse residency program resume

    So, I'm an older student who had work experience, PM me, and I will exchange emails with you and see how my school changed my resume!
  16. SunshineNRainbows

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    WHat unit were you waiting on?

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