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Eleven has 3 years experience as a CNA and specializes in OR.

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  1. Eleven


    @Summer042 I was just wondering about how the on campus day is structured, and the workload outside the classroom. I graduate in December so I would have to wait until the next fall to start (as I understand it) versus starting online earlier in the year so I am weighing the difference in online and on campus heavily. Thanks for any insight you can offer!
  2. Eleven


    Hey Summer, I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions about the on campus program? I see so many threads about the AO RN-BSN but I am interested in doing on campus.
  3. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    Bumping this back to the top to find new people to wait with us
  4. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    Beelieve!! We have really similar stats so I'm going to be super encouraging to you especially but I really don't think we have anything to worry about!! (Also I love your name, I wear a little bee pendant everyday) If you have facebook, please look us up, we have a small group of hopeful future classmates and I think you will find a lot of encouragement there too!
  5. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    150 applications so far?
  6. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    If you search for ' Tarrant County College Nursing Spring 2019 ' it should come up. I'll try to add a link: Log into Facebook | Facebook
  7. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    I'll send you a request in a second!
  8. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    We made one for the fall group during the waiting period, I thought it helped to put faces to names as the process went on!
  9. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    I went and dropped off my application today. Is there a FB group for the spring class yet?
  10. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    You can just walk in and turn it in, or they have a drop box you can submit it in outside the door
  11. Eleven

    Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    Hey! I wanted to pop in this thread and say hello. I actually got accepted for Fall 2018 but I may be declining my seat due to a conflict. So in the event I do have to decline, (I should know today or tomorrow) I've got my packet ready to drop off! I'll be applying with two A's, a B and a 94.5 on the HESI. Good luck to everyone, it's a super exciting time! í ½í²œ
  12. Eleven

    Spring 2018 TCC Nursing Students

    I took micro with a&p 2 and I thought it was fine. Hey didn't go hand in hand per say but having the working knowledge of anatomy made micro easier. I did end with As in both but your mileage may vary. I would suggest if you can, take them all separately and really focus on the information. But it's not impossible to do.
  13. Eleven

    How long was your CNA training?

    Mine was a month worth of weekends (so basically ten days) 8-5 and then a week of clinicals. It was accelerated so we were covering a LOT of topics each day. I think that would be the primary difference. If you have more days, you can go a bit slower.
  14. Eleven

    Summer 2017 Chat

    I was wondering if we moved over here yet! Funny how you all have two-ish year olds, my youngest is two and a half. I am going to be super busy over the summer, but I balanced the schedule so I'm taking one intensive class and two lighter ones together. Then, in eight weeks, we start another session. I don't know if I would be able to take a whole summer off, if I have two weeks off in between sessions, I start to go crazy.
  15. Eleven

    Semester is over / Psychology question

    Which psychology class is it? (I'm guessing intro but just in case.) Intro to Psych was very easy, especially if you took any psych in high school. Childhood psych was not hard, very basic if you have much exposure to kids at all. Abnormal psych was harder, took a lot of memorizing and correctly deducing the case studies. I am taking developmental over the summer, but everyone (in my school) has said it's very straightforward. Congratulations on your first semester, well done on those courses.
  16. Eleven

    Spring 2017 Chat

    Dedication to our future profession? I'm right there with you though.

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