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@MursePanda that is very strange that the comment is now deleted. The things you have mentioned are very concerning, since I expect to be prepared at the highest level in this program. I would love to know more about what that current student had to say about the program.

I did attend the info session, and I distinctly remember they did not answer questions, like how many graduates were able to obtain jobs after the program, how many were able to pass the NCLEX, etc. Maybe a current student will see this and be able to expand...


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I am from the East Bay.

Undergrad: B.S in psych GPA 3.2

Grad school: Masters in Healthcare Administration GPA 3.7

Pre req GPA: 3.8

Volunteer at a womens shelter in berkeley. previous work experience: Medical office manager, Administrator at UCSF, and currently working as an analyst at San Francisco General Hospital.

I have heard nothing but great things about the program from the nurses that work just fingers crossed that we all get in!


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I noticed that the post from the previous student was deleted too! Super weird! If you guys want to hear from students, you can find a lot of info on the previous forums for the USF MSN-CNL program. One of my friends who graduated from this CNL program had nothing but good things to say about it and I asked her a lot of in depth questions. She got hired right after graduation at Stanford medical center and so did a few others from her cohort. I will say that there will always be people who aren't happy with the way things are, and I also know that there are problems in any nursing program, so it seems to be just part of the process that we will deal with and overcome. Well, the deadline has officially passed! Super nerve-racking! For those of you saying there is no preceptorship, thats so weird! When I went to the info session last semester they didn't mention it. Isn't the preceptorship the project in the last semester where you do a CNL research project and 200 hours in the hospital with a CNL? If that is taken any, what is put in place instead of that?? Thanks for the help guys!


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Meant to say, If that is taken AWAY**** haha


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Hi everyone,

Since the deadline was Sept 1st, this means notifications will start mid October onto November? To my understanding last spring cycle, they started getting notified the week of Thanksgiving. Does anyone know anything?


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@made90 It seems that the cycles for both summer and spring for the last few years have all heard back late. It used to be 6-8 weeks and now they say 8-10 weeks. It is hard to tell when we will hear back because technically it should be late october into november but I feel like we won't hear until December because they seem to always go past the time they say we will hear. I know they did move the date from Oct 15th to Sept 1st, so we can only hope that we will hear back sooner than the last years cohort did! Im trying to tell myself it won't be until December so that I don't make myself go crazy if we haven't heard by "8-10 weeks" :/ From what I have gathered from the past forums, they basically give everyone in the running a rank number. They start to call their top choices first, and as those people either accept or decline, they continue down the list until they have a full cohort. Seems like this process goes on for around 3 or 4 weeks.The waitlister's seem to be hit or miss (some semesters people get in from waitlist and some they don't take any) it all just depends. Super nerve racking! As you can see I have been stalking the forums to gather information haha!


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I'm in the cohort that is graduating in a few months. The final CNL project is 300 hours and everyone should have a preceptor. Sometimes a hospital may drop out and, in that case, they will probably make one of the teachers your preceptor and you'll do the project as a group like they did this semester.


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Everyone gets a job sooner or later. Many right of of the program...of course, some have to way a few months. There are many reasons why someone may or may not get a job.


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That is hilarious. Sounds like a troll. MSNs do the same course work plus the masters course work. I am not sure what hospital would ever deny someone with a masters degree. Probably one that shouldn't be around.

Tkretsch, are you applying to any other programs? I just heard of someone who couldn't get a job at an SF hospital with the usf msn degree bc the required a BSN even if you have an msn. So usf grads applying to such hospitals are totally screwed. I decided to go for the samuel Merritt ABSN. Next program starts in April!


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Thank you for joining the convo vulpecula, RN! Would you be so kind to tell us about your experience in the program? How were the professors? The clinical experiences? Classmates? Faculty? How did the NCLEX go? What were your stats going into the program? We are all patiently waiting to hear back! The deadline was moved to Sep 1st so we should I guess be hearing back around the end of Oct. The wait is agonizing!


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Hello everyone!

Just joined the forum as the wait is agonizing and decided to stress out amongst others in the same boat :D

My stats

Age: 29

Undergrad: BS from UC Davis in Neurology, Physiology and Behavior; 3.38 GPA

USF Pre req GPA: 3.7

1 year volunteer work at a soup kitchen serving meals to the homeless in Davis

1 year volunteer work in the ER at Sutter Hospital Davis

Currently volunteer at Marin General Hospital in ICU / SCU

4 months as a temporary caregiver to a quadriplegic individual

Visited Local VA hospitals just to spend time with Veterans

Before obtaining my BS from UC Davis in 2014 I had some uphill battles. At 18 years old I was homeless for a year and lived in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. I also struggled academically (lack of focus / determination). I was on academic probation and dismissal from several schools in the bay area. Long story short I joined the United States Marine Corps which unfortunately did not work out the way I wanted but helped me get my life back together and I eventually obtained my degree at 27 years old. Good luck to everyone!


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Welome md21887!! Wow, what a cool story you have! Congrats on really pulling through hard times, very admirable! Its nice to suffer together. I wish I could go even one day without being anxious about hearing back! Although the deadline was officially 2 weeks ago and it has gone by fast so far. What are you all doing to keep busy while waiting?? I am just working my life away and trying to spend as much time with my family as possible while I'm not in school.