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Hello old friends! Haha I got accepted into USF's MSN program for the summer 2017 start! But I also got accepted to Samuel Merritt's MSN program. I am trying to make a decision and I just wanted to ask you guys how you like the program so far in your first semester? Thanks guys!


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@mursepanda thank you for the helpful tips!! I appreciate you taking the time to write that out for me! Good luck with your Program!!!!

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Hi, this is Jing. I have the same situation like you. Got both acceptance letters. Quick question, what makes your decision to go to SMU? I heat that even though a lot of CM students in SMU can get a job a job before graduation, without the RN experience, it's the low-pay job....not that kind of case management opening for the RN with experience, what do you think


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Hi guys! I just got accepted into the program! I was wondering if anyone could help me with how to pay my $500 deposit? I got the e-mail instructions that said to log into my myUSF account, click the "Student" tab, and then click the "Registration" tab, and then the "Drop and Add Classes" tab to accept the payment. The only problem is, I don't see a "Registration" tab, and subsequently no "Drop and Add Classes" tab. The instructions they e-mailed me don't seem to match up with what I'm seeing on my myUSF account. Can anyone help me out? I need to pay the $500 deposit by the 24th. Thanks!