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Unique Nursing Career

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Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on a project to define the many different specialties and career choices one has as a Registered Nurse. I love the list of specialties found on this website but also wanted to know what other specialties or unique jobs you may have been offered or heard about because you have an RN. One example would be medical sales or in my case I was a clinical liaison for an LTACH. If you know of any jobs such as these and would be willing to share some information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!

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Some years ago I supplemented my income by teaching in a small business/ computer training school  (private, for-profit). My RN license WAS NOT  a requirement; any person with a good healthcare background, like radiology or laboratory, could manage this class of VERY intro level.

My background was helpful to teach Medical Terminology/A&P class, Medical Office with Transcription & Coding. And Business English, Business Math and Keyboarding.  My computer-ting skills were very minimal so that computer-end of the program was taught by others.

So teaching in tangential Community areas is a possibility. I also did volunteer teaching as an American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor. Again, my RN WAS NOT a requirement to teach, but it did come in handy.

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