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  1. Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    What does your facility policy say?
  2. RN looking into public health with MPH

    When I went to grad school I considered MPH and MSN as well as other options. There is also the MPA (Master of Public Administration) that may be useful if you're really going to pursue government jobs. You might want to look at job postings th...
  3. Single mom needs career advice....

    Have you considered school nursing?
  4. I Don't Understand Team Nursing

    As the RN you may be responsible for assessment/contacting MD, etc. following a med error, but the LVN is a licensed nurse that is legally responsible for his/her errors.
  5. PDPM

    In addition to vitals and general stuff, if it is a Medicare coverage stay, I always charted to the reason that they are admitted I.e. wounds, tube feedings, rehab etc. If they're on antibiotics or recently had a fall or any other COC, I do a focuse...
  6. Nurses notes on lab results ?

    It makes no sense and is a total waste of time to copy all results in your notes. If anyone wants to know what the values are, they can look at the lab report. Totally agree with Hoosier and JustBeachy above.
  7. Ready to Move On

    Curious if you have a BSN, and also what types of jobs are you applying to?
  8. In-person Nursing skills course

    I absolutely would, but I'd want someone teaching it that actually still works bedside (even per diem). I know from experience that once you step away from bedside, skills can go pretty quickly, and you lose touch with current trends, technology and...
  9. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    What about an MSN other than NP (education, admin etc.)? If RNs make more than NPs (I think it's sometimes like this in my area too), but you want an advanced degree, consider this. You might be done in a couple years, which allows more flexibility...
  10. School vs. The field

    My 2 cents is that you WILL memorize normal levels of labs/drug levels that you encounter regularly on the unit in which you work. And the lab reports have the normal range listed on the lab report for the ones that you don't have memorized. As for...
  11. Should I quit Nursing?

    I guess the grass isn't always greener. On this forum I see a lot of people encourage others to work in OP clinics but this is a reminder to me that if the culture of the clinic sucks, then it might not be better than other opportunities. There are...
  12. Switching from nurse to daycare teacher??

    Have you considered becoming a school nurse?
  13. Working for Federal or State?

  14. Working for Federal or State?

    Something to consider is that I *think* your years of service at the state don't transfer over to a federal job for pension purposes (check with HR or PERS to be sure). Also, aren't the salary ranges public information?
  15. LVN vs. ADN

    Look at the prerequisites of each program. Likely the ADN program requires higher level Chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, Microbiology that the LVN programs don't require.