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  1. Golden_RN

    Do Dept head meetings violate patient privacy ?

    When I used to attend a similar daily meeting we only had nursing leadership & administration attend. I think the HIPAA concern is valid. The only time we have meetings with ALL dept heads is during survey or some other big event that affects the whole building. I'm concerned that the CNAs aren't informed of infectious diseases. They're closer to the resident than anyone else.
  2. Golden_RN

    What is harder: Hospital or facility?

    I worked at a SNF with great coworkers - RNs/LVNs/CNAs and I really was happy there. If you have great residents/families it can be really hard to leave that environment. But eventually returned to the hospital for better hours (12 vs. 8), better pay/benefits.
  3. Golden_RN

    What is harder: Hospital or facility?

    When it comes to direct patient care, my opinion is 'pick your poison'. But also look to the employer that is going to give you the pay/benefits you deserve as well as a tolerable environment day-to-day.
  4. Golden_RN

    type of certification

    I'm so out of the loop when it comes to ortho but I do wonder about pain control, constipation and all of the other issues we dealt with in those 3 post-op days and how it's handled at home.
  5. Golden_RN

    To what degree is the RN responsible for LPN errors

    I agree with you that LVN/LPN are licensed and responsible for their own actions/errors. However, because legally "assessments" fall under the scope of the RN, and she is charge nurse, I'd say she has some responsibility for the assessment of the resident after the med errors. If there was an adverse effect as a result of the med error, and the charge RN didn't recognize it, or didn't act appropriately based on the post-med error assessment, then she could be involved. As charge nurse, she also has responsibility in making sure that all incident reports, necessary paperwork and notifications have been made according to facility policy/regulations, so the error also affects her that way. I'll also add that many, many RNs go all the way through school with no exposure to LTC, so I see how she might be surprised at how much LPNs are used in LTC and the amount of autonomy and even leadership positions they have. It is very overwhelming for a new grad to be in a charge position or the only RN in the facility at a given time. Like you said, the LVN's competency is verified by her license and hopefully your SNF's nurse educator does some med pass competencies as well.
  6. Golden_RN


    You don't say what research you've done on this subject, nor what college courses you have completed. It's not as simple as getting on a waitlist. Each school has entrance requirements and then the application process (after you meet those requirements) is very competitive. I recommend going to your local jr colleges/universities that have nursing programs to speak to their nursing counselors to help plan your pre-requisite courses. Look at each school's entrance requirements too.
  7. There is no harm in applying, and if you get an interview you can inquire about staying per diem on the floor. BUT be honest with yourself - if you get a M-F informatics job, are you really going to go in per diem on the weekends?
  8. Golden_RN

    type of certification

    I don't have an answer but just wanted to say that I worked ortho as a new grad >20 years ago, and our typical total joint patients stayed on our acute floor 3 days, then transferred to a SNF for more rehab. The changes that have taken place in ortho is crazy!
  9. Golden_RN

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    Your license is public and can be easily tracked whoever is responsible for this at your hospital. Because BLS training is provided by private companies, it is not public info and you must submit your new card every year. You should not be on the floor without the hospital having a copy.
  10. Golden_RN

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    I totally 100% agree that she should never interrupt patient care for these questions. However, as a former hospital educator, I will say that it can be very difficult to get employees to bring in things like their BLS renewals (it can be like herding cats) and you should not be working without it being on file. Also re: the class you missed - Is this something you had agreed to attend? Did the educator go out of her way to provide the class, for instance come in early or stay late to provide the class, or get a bunch of supplies or a room set up for you and then you didn't show up? I've had situations where I come in on my time off, set a room/supplies up and no one shows up.
  11. Golden_RN

    BSN - no experience and lots of children

    Emergent hit the nail on the head. I'd advise to get a part time nursing position as soon as you can to keep your head in the nursing game, but also allow you the family time you prioritize. I would not advise grad school for awhile. You haven't even had much nursing experience yet. I really do not think we can "have it all" (graduate degree, intense career, several children to which we devote lots of time/attention). If your kids are your priority, that's great. But if you're not going to be able to devote a lot of time/attention to your career, the grad degree is not worth the time and $$$.
  12. Golden_RN

    Non-Patient Contact Jobs

    You didn't say what types of companies you're looking at but are you looking at school districts, college campus clinics, city/county/state government, ins companies?
  13. Golden_RN

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    I think you should look at more than just acute, community & LTC. Look at job postings for your county & state depts of public health. I think you are equating community health with home health, but community/public health have more opportunities than you may be aware of. If becoming a NP is your passion, then that's great. But if you're looking for a 9-5 that can utilize the skills/education that you already have, there are opportunities in school nursing, public health, government jobs, infection prevention, clinics such as wound clinics and infusion centers.
  14. In the early 2000s, it felt like everyone was real estate crazy and many nurses I worked with bought big, expensive new houses or expensive houses in affluent areas. After the 2008 crash, MANY had to walk away from those houses and do short sales. There is nothing wrong with a starter house that is old or small. The most important thing is being able to afford it.
  15. Golden_RN

    Admissions Coordinator Requirements

    I just wanted to add that in my experience admissions coordinators need not only clinical skills/supervisory skills/communication skills but also knowledge in Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance. If you're thinking of this in the future, consider seeking out training in the insurance/financial side of LTC.
  16. Golden_RN

    Grocery store workers hazard pay

    I support grocery workers getting hazard pay. Not only are they face-to-face with countless members of the public daily, but they often have to be the mask police too. I wish other food workers like meat packing employees and farm workers could get it too.