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  1. Golden_RN

    Is this weird? New employee occupational health.

    Last time I had an evaluation like this I just had to fill out a basic questionnaire, demonstrate that I could lift X number of pounds & do a duck walk (in scrubs). I do find the request for documentation from a pharmacy strange & invasive.
  2. Golden_RN

    Private or State school?

    You're only 21 - you're not behind at all! But to be honest, if your grades are not good enough to get into CC RN program or state schools, I would not recommend private RN school. You will be in debt forever & I am skeptical about the ability to get hired even if you were able to complete a private RN program and pass board exams. This may be different in different regions of the country, but RNs from private schools have a more difficult time getting hospital jobs compared to state or CC grads in my area. As long as you have consulted with a college counselor that is very familiar with your local RN programs and discussed the likelihood of you getting accepted, I would follow their advice & probably change majors. Best of luck! There are a lot of other health care careers to explore.
  3. Golden_RN

    Immunocompromised Loved One

    I think the most reasonable thing to do at this stage is to attend an appointment with your SO's physician to get his/her recommendations on how to protect your SO. You may be going overboard & causing needless stress on yourself, instructors, coworkers etc.
  4. Golden_RN

    While we were arguing; we disappeared

    Last hospital I worked at required: 1. All RNs wear approved scrubs/jackets from a specific store with "RN" monogrammed on tops/jackets. All were 1 color. 2. All employees have badges with large "RN", "MD" etc. printed on both sides (in case it flips around).
  5. Golden_RN

    Work asking all the time if I can work extra At work and home

    You received great advice. Just want to add that it DOES NOT MATTER if you have kids or not. Your time off is your time off.
  6. Golden_RN

    Conflict on continuing my education

    Nursing school (plus the first year of working) can be all-consuming. I will always strongly suggest doing it before having kids. Nursing school will probably include weekends, late nights, very early mornings & loooong days. Your partner/family will have to pick up a lot of slack taking care of the children. I know so many people that were CNAs or LVNs and had kids with the plan of going back to finish RN school "someday" but never do because kids take over your life. Many do go back, but it's a big challenge. Also, be realistic about the timeline. You said "nursing will take a few years". If you haven't, talk to a nursing counselor to see what classes you need and how long it will realistically take. It takes most of us more than a few years to get our RN, and with impacted programs, it's hard to get in. I totally agree with the advice about doing CNA training.
  7. Golden_RN

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    I'm in CA (not a school nurse) & yes, the school nurse salaries in my area are about 50-60% what hospital nurses make. You may want to look at the school nurse credential programs at CSU. CSU Fresno offers an online program.
  8. Golden_RN

    Not eligible for any programs in my area.

    Ugh. I'm so sorry. Most importantly, I'm so glad you got help and are feeling better.
  9. Golden_RN

    Not eligible for any programs in my area.

    You may want to talk to a college counselor and someone in the campus disability office. If your grades suffered because of a health problem, you may be able to have those bad grades purged from your transcript and re-take them. I'm not an expert, but know someone that did that this year by showing proof of hospitalization & petitioning the dean to remove the low grades.
  10. Golden_RN

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    Do a search for "non-bedside job" on this site and you should be able to find plenty of posts about the topic of Mon-Fri jobs. I actually think I had more time with my kid when I did 12 hour shifts because I always had weekdays off to volunteer at the school, go to medical appts, etc. If you work Mon-Fri you always have to request time off for dentist appts, field trips etc., and on the weekends, errands/housework take up time that you think you should be spending with family. Just something to think about.
  11. Golden_RN

    I failed twice, please help!!

    Why not pursue the RD route, since you already have a BS in nutrition? If your heart is set on nursing, hopefully your credits can transfer to a different school.
  12. Golden_RN

    MSN but offered the salary of ADN

    This is my experience. No employers in my area pay more for BSN or MSN, even magnet status hospitals. My last hospital job was in a union facility and they pay according to years of experience/service.
  13. I don't know how you could. I think the best thing to do is to network while you're doing clinicals in nursing school, and work in healthcare as a tech or CNA (even volunteer) before becoming an RN so you can see a company from the inside. Also, are jobs in your area so plentiful that you would have the opportunity to choose between hospitals, in your specialty of choice? If so, that is great, but I don't think most new RNs have the opportunity to be so choosy (is that a real word?).
  14. Golden_RN

    Hands on Training in school?

    This is similar what my education was like (although I was never trained to do blood draws). I don't think I did any procedures (ie Foley insertion) w/out the precepting RN there, but as long as my instructor watched us do ONE, we could perform the procedure with the precepting RN. "Totally responsible for" any number of patients as a student is a misnomer, because as an unlicensed person you cannot be. The RN assigned to the patients is totally responsible for the pts.
  15. Golden_RN

    PhD Nursing Education

    Look at job postings at public universities. All of the job postings I've seen require a doctorate, except for part time clinical-only instructors. PhD not necessary to teach at community colleges and health care organizations.
  16. Golden_RN

    What should I do?

    I worked in nursing education at a large hospital & the educators had a variety of backgrounds, such as NICU, L & D and PACU. So, none had a strong med/surg background. Some of the units had their own educator that was very familiar with the workflow of that particular unit (ED, for instance). There were also CNS's that provided some unit-specific education. I recommend scheduling an appointment with your hospital's nsg edu department (and even at other hospitals) to network and see what they look for in job applicants. 2 years as an RN sounds a little premature to me for an educator position. Hopefully you're planning on an MSN with a concentration in education. That has not been a minimum qualification to all nursing educator positions I've seen, but may give you an edge.