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  1. LJ85

    Would you marry a Doctor?

    I agree, I would love to be able to share my day with someone who understands what really goes on. I don't discriminate just bc he's a dr. In fact I'd be happy with anyone who had some medical knowledge.:redpinkhe
  2. LJ85

    How do you keep awake on a slow night shift?

    Wow...really? Must be nice? Frst off I don't choose to work overnights, I have to because I take what I can get. Second off I would give anything to actually have stuff to do vs. not. The hours go by slower than they would if there were things to do. I have worked every shift so I have knowledge of how busy it can get. I have run around in the weeds and been on the other end as well. I don't understand why this post would tic you off, get some humor.
  3. LJ85

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I understand why the saying was started. I have experienced that type of behavior first hand as a new nurse, even from my own family. I became an LPN about 3 years ago and my cousin became an RN last year. Somehow the difference between the two gets confused for respect. I think I should be treated with respect just as much as anyone. I don't know if it's just women being catty or jealousy or what. I always follow the direction of my superior but I absolutely despise being talked down to or belittled. I can't understand why other nurses would want to discourage new ones, I am happy to teach new nurses anytime I can, I'm glad we share a common interest.
  4. LJ85

    How do you keep awake on a slow night shift?

    Ironically I happen to be on an overnight shift now, and it's very hard for me to stay awake. I agree that 3a and beyond is my breaking point. I work private duty and the patients I care for on the overnights are pretty stable. I don't have much to do, I bring my iPad, read, watch tv, but there are times that I simply cannot keep my eyelids open. I recently told my office that I will no longer work nights because I am afraid I will make a mistake. It's a lot easier to foul up when your tired. Even if I dose off for only a few minutes and get this major guilt trip. I want to do my best at all times, and if I don't I just harp on it. I really hate making mistakes even though I know I'm only human, and being tired just increases that chance. Plus I feel nauseas at the end of the shift a lot. It's just screwing up my whole schedule and its hard to work other shifts, all I do now is work and sleep. I can't seem to get in the groove.
  5. LJ85

    enemas and nurses

    As far as I know that's always been the sop in NJ. I personally don't think aides should be giving them. I was a cna before I became a nurse and I don't believe there us enough training for that being that it is a medication. I don't even think I'd want an aide taking my vs just because vie seen a lot of carelessness, not to say nurses aren't careless but I think the resposibility factor goes up when you are a nurse.
  6. LJ85

    Man catches Home Nurse's tragic mistake

    That visor is indeed very difficult to watch. If that woman was really a nurse I dont understand how she got her license. even with zero hand on training with a vent, one can clearly see that it is connected to the trachea, hence providing ventilation. Plus the fact that that man is desperately trying to get her attention, how did she miss that? It was neglect. Plain and simple. And how do these nursing agencies get by without knowing what type of training an employee has? I just don't get it.
  7. LJ85

    I should probably let this go but...

    I've been in the same position. If the staffing people or "higher ups" know they can manipulate you, as they did, they will. I would have said right off the bat that I wanted the following day off and giving you another nurses assignment is bs. We all know that it is impossible to watch over 50 something patients and your cnas and the charting. If anything went wrong YOU are solely responsible. I used to pick up overnights sometimes at the LTC facility I worked at (also in NJ), and they routinely gave you the entire floor, at least 30 pts. I stopped working overnights for that reason. I didn't want to be responsible if something occurred, as many things do on the graveyard shift. Just trying to pass meds to that many pts is hard enough. I started doing private duty and I have to say I don't miss nursing homes one bit.
  8. LJ85

    Calcium Carbonate for GERD

    All I know is tums ain't cuttin it anymore for me. I have had mild gerd for a while now, but since I started on overnighhts it seems it just gets worse after tums. Every few hours I'm taking more. A least I'm getting my calcium, haha.