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nurseteni specializes in Clinical Research, Nurse Navigation, Oncology.

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  1. nurseteni

    Questions for clinical research RNs

    Mine were always M-F 8 hour shifts with holidays off. Good luck to you on your new journey
  2. nurseteni

    2018 HPSP Air Force PMHNP

    Hello, is it still okay to email you with questions about HSPS PMHNP?
  3. nurseteni

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    Ok good I'm glad you're interviewing! I'm highly anxious myself and have only realized this year that, to employers and many who know me I appear to have a diverse job portfolio having averaged about two years at each. The honest to goodness truth is that I've rarely stayed long enough to become an expert in any role because of my anxiety and negative self talk. I'm working on that myself. Please know it will get better.
  4. nurseteni

    Billing for Time Spent on Survivorship Care Plans?

    I'm like wow...there are oncologists who complete SCPs?!? Lol. As an Oncology Nurse who completes SCPs and is a member of the CoC council for my facility, it is my understanding that organizations may be moving away from completing SCPs as a mere formality (in alignment with satisfying CoC accreditation). Apparently, CoC will no longer mandate the completion of the SCPs and will require that comprehensive services be offered for survivors rather than a document that may, or may not, see the light of day after the initial skim-through. Having worked in a major cancer center previously and now, in a local community hospital, I'm glad to see this much-needed change finally reaching the community hospital setting. The sequelae referenced above is a wonderful example of why the survivorship care program push is absolutely necessary. https://www.facs.org/~/media/files/quality programs/cancer/coc/draft_coc_revised_standards_may2019.ashx Bottom line: I think the needs of the survivor will be much better addressed in the near future.
  5. nurseteni

    Are Braids Professional?

    Had to chime in here. As a black woman who was a healthcare professional long before I became a nurse, I decided fresh out of college that my ethnic hairstyles were not innately unprofessional. Furthermore, an organization who may perceive my hairstyles as such would not be an organization I'd want to work for. I've worn plenty of hairstyles (currently have locs) and have been in a myriad of hospital and corporate environments and my hair has never been an issue as my professionalism speaks for itself. Keep your braids pulled back but wear them as you please. Blessings on your new and exciting journey