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Do you mind sharing your stats?


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CONGRATS! So exciting! To those who have interviews - are they still doing everything virtually, or are the interviews in-person (with masks of course)?


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@catherine48 Interviews are virtual.


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CONGRATS everyone!!

Unfortunately, they still haven't updated my application, because my transcript was sent by mail instead of electronically.... :(


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@Lala292 Sure.

cGPA: 3.49

Prereq GPA: 3.5

Former CNA (Got my license at 16 and didn’t practice much), healthcare experience interning in hospitals in Baltimore and abroad. A few years of volunteer/community outreach experience here and abroad.


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Hey guys, I am new here and I have been reading the previous chat. whats going on with you all in regards to the application, no one has said anything since Aug 7. I submitted my application on Jul 23


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Hi Maame_nurse & Group,

I completed the interview portion on Monday, August 10, and from what they said, they are looking to send out the first round of decision's early September.

The interview felt natural with general questions about your interest, unique qualities, etc. The best advice I can share with all of you is to prepare for it like you would a job interview ( Some similar types of questions).

Overall, don't put a tremendous amount of stress on yourselves when you prepare. I felt like they were primarily interested in having a real conversation vs looking for perfect answers.

Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to hear how everyone else felt!

Warm Regards,



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Hey @Maame_nurse

The first round of interviews for the priority deadline are complete. There’s another round for priority deadline at the end of this week and decisions will go out starting next month.

I agree with Alyson. The interview was super conversational. I ended up feeling like I stressed myself out for nothing. If you prepare like you would for a basic job interview you’ll do fine.


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Thank you very much for the update @Mills796 and Alyson300.

what can you tell me about the writing/essay part. I received an email to schedule for the interview today, I am interviewing on Friday any advice before during and after will be appreciated.


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Patiently waiting but it’s so hard!!  Is this the week we should begin to hear back from them?

Hi all! Due to some difficulty getting one of my past schools to send my transcripts, my application was just fully completed Friday of last week.

do you think I have any hope at all at this point? I have extensive veterinary nursing experience and a 3.35 science GPA, 3.4 overall, but I’m not panicking that the delay will knock me out of the running. 

also, how do you know when your application has been sent to the committee? Do you get an email alert? 


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@Ciara Williams I am really hoping! My interview was August 11th and that feels like such a long time ago at this point. Has anyone heard anything? 

@Miranda Rosen Hi Miranda, I definitely think that you still have a chance. I would assume that the school takes into account how difficult it can be to send in transcripts. 

I did not get an email when my application was sent to committee but there was an update on the portal. I did get an email when I was offered an interview slot. 

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