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  1. UMSON Spring 2024 Direct entry MSN

    Hi everyone Has anyone applied for Spring 2024 at UMSON? Will like to know if anyone heard back from them for Spring 2024 or if anyone have a timeline of when we should hear back from them? Thank you
  2. University of Maryland CRNA 2023

    Just thought of creating this thread for the new application cycle. So we can all support each other
  3. Springheel

    UMSON BSN Spring 2023

    Hey everyone! I'm applying to UMSON for BSN Spring 2023. I wanted to create this thread so we can share info or ask any questions. Probably a bit early before regular deadline but priority deadline is coming up (July 15) which is what I'm a...
  4. UMSON CNL Spring 2023

    I wanted to start this thread to keep track of the application updated for the UMSON CNL 2023 cycle.
  5. University Of Maryland CRNA 2022

    Just submitted an application. Figured I'd start the next thread to get some information. I've read a ton of information on previous years about interviews. Is it really only 20 minutes long with a test at the beginning?
  6. UMSON BSN FALL 2020

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if there are any students that applied to University of Maryland School of Nursing for the BSN program for Fall 2020. I see a thread for Spring 2020, but not one for Fall as of yet. If so, do you mind posting your grades/TEAS...
  7. C'est La Vie


    Hi Everyone, I am creating this thread for all the UMSON DNP hopefuls of all programs applying for Fall of 2020. Hopefully we can post here to provide each other information and updates. I am applying for the DNP FNP program at the Baltimore campus...
  8. UMSON BSN Fall 2022

    Hi all, Did anyone else apply to the UMSON BSN program for fall 2022? I'm (impatiently) waiting to hear back, and wondered if anyone else was in the same boat.
  9. MildMelody

    UMSON BSN Spring 2022

    Hi there! I'm applying to UMSON BSN Spring 2022. I create this thread, then we all can share or ask any questions.

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