Per diem workers in a unionized hospital in California

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I work as a per diem doing only 12 hours calls. The union wants me to pay the union dues with what I feel unacceptable rate.

If I don't get called in, my hourly rate is less than 10 dollars and the union charges me about 40 dollars (if I do only two calls during the pay period). When I do more than 2 calls during the pay period, the union charges me 80 dollars.

They charge me based on my base rate as a per diem. However, I am not paid by my base rate but the call rate ( that is less than 10 dollars per hour). The union charges me to a point that I don't know if I still want to continue working there as a ripped off slave. If I spend 36 hours doing calls and have not been called in at all, 8 hours base pay all goes to the union. That is, 22% of my paycheck all goes to the union during the pay period/ every two weeks.

They advocate for the full time staff and care less to per diem workers yet they still charge per diem workers at the rate that is unfair for people only taking calls. I am a at-will worker and that I am highly unlikely to use any services in the future but I am required to pay all these dues at an unacceptable rate because it is a unionized hospital per the union representative.

I wish that California can become a right to work state soon so we don't have to be ripped off by the California Nurse Association anymore.

I don't believe California will  ever become a right to work state because of how so many people tend to think out there.  It's super overly dramatic democratic policies plague the state.  The intent is to protect workers but I believe often times it protects some and hurts others. (Like in your case).  The only way you can overcome your situation is to join part time or full time or quit.  I'm inclined to believe they set it up that way to encourage others to be more readily to work extra and be available more often to offset the unfairness.   Good luck on whatever you decide to do moving forward. 

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