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Hi Everyone, I am creating this thread for all the UMSON DNP hopefuls of all programs applying for Fall of 2020. Hopefully we can post here to provide each other information and updates.

I am applying for the DNP FNP program at the Baltimore campus. Anyone else doing the same? Thanks and good luck to all!!

Hey! I'm in the process of applying to the DNP FNP program also. Everything is done except my essay. I am so nervous to submit it!

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I was very nervous about the essay too! But decided not to overthink it too much, made sure that spelling and grammar were on point, that it answered the question posed, and just hope for the best after that lol

Lol right. Well applications were due today so now we just have to wait and see!


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I applied for the AGPC program. Good luck to everyone!

Hi! I applied to the DNP FNP program! Was super nervous but hoping for the best!! Good luck to all of you!


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Hey everyone! I’ve applied to the DNP FNP Baltimore program. Good luck to everyone and hopefully we will hear something soon.


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Hi There! I also applied to the DNP-FNP program for Fall 2020.


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It seems from last year’s applicant chat that some people were starting to get notifications of interviews around this time! It’s hard not to keep checking my email...

@RsrchNrs11 same! I hope we hear something soon!

Hello all. I received an invitation to interview email for Psych DNP this morning.


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Awesome!! Congratulations! Thanks for the update!

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