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  1. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Hi there, For those still waiting, stay positive. It took me two tries to get in. Also, don’t limit yourselves on options if this one doesn’t pan out. There is more then one path to your goal! For those who have accepted admissions off...
  2. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Interesting! They did not send this prior to my interview for FNP. They did ask how long I would plan on taking and I told them 4 or most likely 5 years.
  3. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    From what I can tell, I don’t believe that applicants are separated by ‘track’ based on length of time to complete. When you receive your offer letter, it does not specify a 3-, 4-, or 5- year track. My understanding is that you are accepted to the p...
  4. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Thanks so much, Letsbringhealth! Looking forward to it ?
  5. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    I applied for 5 year at Baltimore
  6. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    I was offered admissions today to the DNP FNP program via email ! Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone and don’t give up!
  7. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Has anyone had an interview yet? Mine is tomorrow. Hoping for a great outcome for the FNP program! #round 2 went OK, I hope! Asked typical questions such as “ tell us about your background, challenges you’ve faced, and best learning style...
  8. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Don’t lose hope, Azdude! This is a stressful time and, absolutely a process. I was waitlisted last year, though not invited to an interview until early-mid January. I interviewed, I think, around January 16. Though I didn’t come off the waitlist, the...
  9. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Has anyone had an interview yet? Mine is tomorrow. Hoping for a great outcome for the FNP program! #round 2
  10. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Hi all. I was also waitlisted last year. I just received an invitation last night to interview for the FNP program. Hang in there and take care!
  11. UMSON DNP FALL 2020

    I got wait-listed...
  12. UMSON DNP FALL 2020

    Don’t lose hope! There are an incredible amount of applicants. Certainly it is going to take a significant amount of time to process everything. The fact that we got to the interview portion is very promising. Though a few FNPs have heard something, ...
  13. UMSON DNP FALL 2020

    Have any other FNP applicants heard anything? Has anyone received an actual phone call?
  14. UMSON DNP FALL 2020

    I interviewed yesterday as well for the FNP program at Baltimore. Felt good about it and it was actually much quicker than anticipated! The only info I got was that accepted applicants will be notified by phone in the beginning of February. Good luc...
  15. UMSON DNP FALL 2020

    Congratulations! Super exciting! Do you mind sharing some of your nursing experience/background/stats? Way to go!

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