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I agree with @hopefulnurse1 that the program being a Master's program is what attracted me instead of obtaining 2 bachelor degrees. However, I decided on going with my second choice ABSN program because I'm able to keep my F/T job and complete school on the weekends and evening. I need the flexibility and I was told that we would have to be on campus at least 3-4 days a week. Unless things have changed due to COVID, anyone know what the schedule looks like now?

My plan is just to complete the master's portion online now ?



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@Lynn20 I think that is a really great option and a smart choice. UMSON hasn't decided if they are going to be holding classes in person or not. I expect that they will do some sort of hybrid program (unless Covid-19 somehow changes significantly in the next few months) 



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The biggest thing that is kinda hard to accept is that regardless of the program ADN, ABSN, direct entry MSN, as an RN we will all have 'around' the same starting salary. Of course over time once we can gain experience I would think more opportunities with better pay would present themselves to those with higher education. I cannot wrap my brain around the huge differences in cost considering we'll be paid the same starting out. My end goal after gaining some years of experience is to become a FNP. So I figure getting the MSN now will have me closer to my goal because I'll just have to do a post-master's certificate. 

In my interview, they said Fall 2020 is starting off remote and I believe Spring will too. 


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I definitely agree! Which is why I’ve decided to go the ABSN route. 25k cheaper and I can complete my masters online while gaining experience. 
For example, my husband is a Neurosurgery PA and makes the same if not more than most of his coworkers with his bachelors vs their masters. 
As I mentioned before though, everyone has different reasons for choosing their programs. Mine was scheduling and being able to keep my F/T Director position. 


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Hi everyone I made a group link is below 


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What's the name of the group


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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Just got accepted into the program yesterday and super excited! Congratz to everyone who got in as well and good luck for those still waiting. Cant wait to see everyone once the semester finally kicks off! ?



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Congrats to everyone who was accepted! If anyone is looking for a one bedroom apartment to rent near the Baltimore campus, let me know. My landlord may have an opening - the apartments are well maintained and SUPER close to campus, and my landlord is very responsive. Just wanted to share if anyone needs a recommendation, I'm a current BSN student!


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I'm late to the party! ? I actually didn't hear about the program until about two weeks ago, so I just submitted my application like a week ago. It's currently in review so we'll see how it goes. Congrats to all of you who have been accepted!

Hey all! 

I was just accepted into the Fall 2021 cohort and was wondering if there are any current UMSON CNL students who would be willing to share their experience? I’m currently trying to decide between Johns Hopkins and UMD - leaning more towards UMD because of the affordability factor, but still have a few questions about program dynamic, clinicals, etc. I’d really appreciate any insight anyone could give!

1. Is the culture more collaborative vs. competitive?

2. Do you feel like the cohort size is too small or just right?

3. How has the clinical experience been so far? Will you have to work night shift and what days/times would that be?

4. How are the professors (honestly)?

5. What’s the best thing about the program and what’s one thing you wish you could change?

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