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  1. catherine48


    Just check with your schools of intent before registering for Portage courses. Every school is different but I haven't had a problem.
  2. catherine48

    Chaminade BSN Spring 2022

    Hi! I'm planning to apply to the Spring 2023 cohort, but it seems the application isn't open yet. Does anyone remember when the application opened for Spring 2022? Additionally, if you ended up entering the program, what day did classes start? Thanks...
  3. catherine48


    Hi, I am about to register for Chem 103 with Portage and I am super nervous. I took both A&Ps with them and did fine, but for those classes I could work at memorizing thin information... for chem, I am honestly just terrible at anything math ori...
  4. catherine48

    Chaminade ABSN Fall 2022

    Does anyone know if they are still accepting applications? I saw that the priority deadline was April 1, but are they accepting applications for "regular decision" after that deadline?
  5. catherine48

    UCONN Spring 2022 CEIN/BS Program

    Hi! I'm applying for the January 2023 CEIN program at the Stamford campus! Haven't hit submit yet, but I hope to within the next few days! I wonder if we should create a separate forum so the 2022 people don't get bombarded with these notifications? ...
  6. catherine48

    UCONN Spring 2022 CEIN/BS Program

    Thanks so much for your input! Definitely going to give the essay my all. Would either of you mind sharing what your undergrad GPA was?
  7. catherine48

    UCONN Spring 2022 CEIN/BS Program

    Hi everyone! I found this old thread as I am working on my application for the January 2023 start date. I am applying to the Stamford campus. I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some insight on my likelihood of being accepted. I have ...
  8. catherine48

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Spring 2021

    Thanks! Yeah my undergrad GPA is more of a doozy than yours ? My prereq GPA is 4.0 though. All As. And I have a decent amount of experience, and I’m a pretty strong writer. I feel like that undergrad GPA is gonna follow me all my life ?
  9. catherine48

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Spring 2021

    Do you mind sharing your stats? I was denied for the last round but I’ve since finished all the prereqs and I’m wondering if my stats are good enough to apply again by the October deadline or if I should just bag it haha
  10. catherine48

    UMSON CNL Spring 2021

    CONGRATS everyone! When did you all submit/have all your application documents in by? I was pretty much still getting everything together up until August 1 so I’m hoping they just haven’t gotten to mine yet since they go in order
  11. catherine48

    UMSON CNL Spring 2021

    CONGRATS! So exciting! To those who have interviews - are they still doing everything virtually, or are the interviews in-person (with masks of course)?
  12. catherine48

    UMSON CNL Spring 2021

    WOW! CONGRATS!! Would you mind sharing your stats? Like GPA, experience, etc? Also, if either of you would be open to asking them something during the interview like, if they got the usual number of applicants for this cycle, I’d be really interested...
  13. catherine48

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Spring 2021

    I've actually seen quite a few debates on this topic, and the general consensus is no--if it's optional, don't bother taking it. The rest of your application is going to carry much more weight than a number they glance at from a standardized test, an...
  14. catherine48

    Shenandoah University ABSN program

    WOW!, thanks so much!! I guess my only other question is which campus to apply to? Not really sure what the difference is, or if one would be more desirable than the other in that it has the majority of the students in the program, or has better faci...
  15. catherine48

    Shenandoah University ABSN program

    Hi everyone! I'm interested in this program, but their website is not the most modern/straightforward!! It's a little frustrating, and I hope it's not reflective of the program itself. It's a bit unclear how you apply to this specific program. I tho...

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