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I got in!!! Anyone else about to begin the program in the fall?

On the website, it says the program is 4 many months is that? If I begin in September, when would I graduate?

If they're regular semesters (not including summers), you're looking at:

Semester 1: Sept '06-Dec '06

Semester 2: Jan '07-May '07

Semester 3: Sept '07-Dec '07

Semester 4: Jan '08-May '08

More or less, YMMV depending on the actual schedule.


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Dec 2007


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Thanks all - I am really looking forward to starting!

Is there anything I can be doing now to prepare for the 1st semester? From reading the other posts it seems this is one of the toughest semesters, and once I start this I'm in it for the long haul so I really want to put my best foot forward.

Any suggestions - from how to schedule classes (those we have a choice in), to study techniques, to info on particular classes - is much appreciated.

Thanks again - I owe you guys one!:nurse:


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Congrats and welcome to UMDNJ-SN. I'm finishing up my second semester at UMDNJ so I'll try to pass on some of my experience to you. 1st semester is very heavy with written work, group projects tests and of course, material to absorb for long term memory. 2nd semester is a much calmer beast than the 1st.

I suggest you go through your AP stuff and the basics of your BLS course. Carve into your head the ABC's of BLS because it almost always applies to nursing. Try reading ahead for all your classes, especially Foundations, Assessment, and promotions - not to memorize but to give you an idea of what's coming up in the next lecture. Your reading would be your first exposure, lecture second, and studying would be your third exposure.

Informatics??? We managed to make it through the numerous projects.

PAtho??? Print out and try looking through available powerpoints before lecture and use the text as a reference ONLY. Shop around for the PDA and software she's requiring for class and buy it a few weeks before the test that requires them. The PDA will be very helpful during your 2nd semester clinical.

Most importantly, come in with an open mind, think of this as your new full time job, try to keep a positive attitude, help your fellow students whenever possible, begin building your professional network, and keep the big picture in mind when you're down. Remember that we all will be working together so try not to burn bridges.

Good luck!


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Which PDA programs does UMDNJ-SN recommend for student nurses?


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Our Patho professor required us to have Pepid's CRC companion suite.


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After discussing it with my husband - I've decided to defer my enrollment into the UMDNJ nursing program until Jan.

Over the next few months I'd like to buy a book or 2 and start reading through them a bit - would anyone be able to give me the ISBN #'s (or name and edition) of those books you feel would be most beneficial to have a head start on?



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There's a very good chance that the books may change but here are the texts that I recommend:

For practice: ISBN 0-7817-6264-2 (Med-Math) and ISBN 0781762952 (Medical Terminology)

I would suggest doing these if anything. You'll be grilled on Med-Math and Med-Term can really help with understanding the reading.

For reading: ISBN 07817-4480-6 (Fundamentals of Nursing) OR ISBN 0-7216-9773-9 (Physical Examination & Health Assessment).

Good luck!


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So far everyone whose a current student has given a very good description of what its like, and it's helpful for me too, since im only in my first semester. Here's what I can tell the incoming students, and hopefully it will be helpful.

First semester is definately the most difficult, and a lot of work and reading and group projects. If you've taken a computers class before, I would recommend trying to test out of Informatics (you can't test out if you've never taken a computers class). For Promotions, my class had a different teacher than the previous semesters, and she was tough, but I was told they're bringing back the old teacher. Assessment and Foundations - do the reading, practice the online quizzes and do the review Q's in your lab book and text book. They take questions from there. As far as Patho goes, its your heaviest class. I bought the book but never opened it (its still in the plastic) and the same goes for a few of my friends. Her exams come from her notes, and then to brush up on certain topics I'd recommend "Straight A's for Patho" or "Patho Made Easy." She is an excellent teacher and her stories help you understand the material. Know how to read EKG's and read the Dale/Dubin book (you'll see when you get it). And when she has reviews for the exams, GO, absolutely GO to the review.

Hopefully this is helpful to all the incoming students, I wish I knew some of this stuff when I entered the program. As far as study techniques, everyone is different when it comes to that stuff. Just try different things and find out what works best for you. Good luck to everyone entering the program, and to those of us in school now, good luck on finals!! 2 more weeks!!


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Great info - Thank You!!

I didn't even think of testing out of informatics, but that's a good idea...I will def. make an attempt.

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I am really worried about getting in, but UMDNJ is ideal for me. I have a 3.0 gpa, but I got an A in Microbiology, and I'm taking Nutrition and A&P this coming fall and spring. I did well, as in around a B, in most of the prereq's but I'm a Neuroscience major at Johns HOpkins, and some of my other classes are the ones that brought down my gpa like Organic Chemistry and Physics 2. And, I'll be coming is as a Second degree student.

Anyone have any idea what my chances are??



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Try going to a recruitment event and see to what the recruiter thinks. UMDNJ has reduced the size of their incoming classes so it has obviously become more competetive to gain acceptance. Good thing about UMDNJ is that there are 3 incoming semesters per year: Spring, Summer and Fall.

It's hard to say what your chances are in getting in. You seem to fit the GPA requirement. There's only one way to know for sure...APPLY. Get your stuff together early and submit them directly to the recruiter. I don't know if that would really help but that's what I did. Write a great essay and get some notable references (ie. AP or Micro professors, former employers, etc.).

I suggest visiting the UMDNJ School of Nursing Web site for more info and inspiration. Consider applying to Seton Hall's accelerated program also. I've met some of their products and they are EXCELLENT nurses.

Good luck.

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