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gudiarani is a BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, NP and specializes in NICU.


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  1. gudiarani

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I called and asked. They get your income info from the EV. I work in an ICU so # of patients was kind of hard to estimate. We have a few patients that stick around for long periods so I averaged 200 across a year...
  2. gudiarani

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I finished and submitted my application on 2/11. But, I just realized that I wasn't asked to provide any salary info and it isn't on my submitted application. Does anyone know how they get your income?? Also, did anyone else have trouble with verifying your NPI?
  3. gudiarani

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Hi everyone! I am an NP in NYC. I applied this year with DTI of about 160%. My HPSA score at the time I applied was 12 or 13 but I just checked again and it increased to 18 in April! I've had a credit check by CREDCO like some others about a month ago. I called them up see if they would change the tier I am in for eligibility based on the new HPSA score and they were not able to answer the question. Does anyone have any thoughts? It looks like some people have heard and I didn't have high hopes since I was already in Tier 3, but now I should be Tier 1 so I'm hoping that they look at the current score! Thanks for any advice!
  4. gudiarani

    NICU Special on Discovery Health's "Baby Week"!!

    This show is such a disappointment. I spend the whole show pointing out poor practices and then how UN-dramatic that situation actually is. Like the 36weeker that was born to a mom with chorio and just needed Antibiotics?? They made it an absolute life and death kind of thing. Nothing to show for actual NICU life for medical professionals and parents alike.
  5. gudiarani

    RNC certification review book?

    Neonatal Certification Review for the CCRN and RNC High Risk Exam by Rogelet and Brorsen (2010) or Certification and Core Review for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing by AACN, AWHONN, etc (2007) I'd like to start doing questions to study for the test and was originally just going to by the AACN book. But then I saw this newer book and thought it might be a good idea to get a book that's more recent. Which is better??
  6. gudiarani

    Test Your Neonatal Critical Care Knowledge

    Never heard it called "vanilla TPN"!! haha
  7. gudiarani

    Test Your Neonatal Critical Care Knowledge

    Kidney function, right? And also the existing electrolyte balance before giving electrolytes. The first set of lab values is mostly mom's. We wait for more accurate labs within the first 24 hours to have a better look at the BABY's electrolyte balance.
  8. gudiarani

    NELRP 2009

    Ok someone PLEASE HELP. I have a job offer from New York Presbyterian Hospital and am having major difficulty finding someone to verify it's a CSF for me and write that stupid letter. From the press release http://newsroom.hrsa.gov/releases/2009/nelrprecips.htm, I know that at least 2 people have gotten such letters because they ARE RECIPIENTS!! If anyone who has gotten NELRP from NYP can please contact me, I would appreciate it! Thanks! I'M DESPERATE!
  9. gudiarani

    Newark Beth Israel Hospital

    That test is cake. Seriously. If its the same one I took in Sept 08.
  10. gudiarani

    NJ/PA/NYC NICU nursing job...need a new one

    I just checked on nyp.com/careers in the search...nothing for an RN in the NICU. I see two for an NNP, and one for a Patient Care Director in the NICU. Would you mind asking your manager about it? Maybe I'm looking in wrong place?
  11. gudiarani

    NJ/PA/NYC NICU nursing job...need a new one

    Can anyone give me an idea of salary ranges for someone with 1+ years of experience in a NICU in NYC? Thanks.
  12. gudiarani

    Nasal suction guidelines

    The problem with suctioning on the way into an ETT is that you're adding negative pressure (suction) to a positive pressure environment (the vent), which is also why you should limit the amount of time applying negative pressure to 5-10 seconds to prevent hypoxemia.
  13. Hey everyone, I need help! I am looking to change jobs, becoming increasingly more frustrated in my current one. I feel trapped to say the least. I would really love to work in the NICU at NYP/Columbia, but they don't ever seem to have any openings. I wouldn't mind nights there either. If anyone has any connections to whom they could pass along my resume, I would be much obliged! I have a year's experience at a Level IV in NJ, graduated with a BSN from Johns Hopkins in '08 and BA from Hopkins in '07. Please PM me if you can help me out! Thanks so much! PA and south NJ would be a major pay cut for me, but I guess it depends on the situation. Perhaps if I like the job enough, it may make up for the difference.
  14. gudiarani

    anyone work at CHOP or any other NICUs in Phila area?

    Good Luck. I interviewed there over a year ago and wasn't hired because they "wanted someone with more experience." They knew I was a new grad and from Hopkins at that (#4 nursing school in the country). Sorry, I'm a little bitter about it. Plus theyre a little stuck up there. The facility is gorgeous though. Probably a great place to work. I hope you have some luck!
  15. gudiarani

    NELRP 2009

    Does anyone know how this will affect state taxes? It is going to drastically change my income bracket so does that mean I need to set aside a few thousand just for state taxes?!
  16. gudiarani

    NJ Hospital and Starting Salary

    I started in Newark around this time last year at $30.60/hour day shift...Looking for something more now.

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