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Hi rgirl! Can you please share your NJCU experience with me? I've been accepted there for the accelerated BSN program and one other program in NY. I am really torn and I'm not sure which is a better program. Was 12 months too crammed? Did you feel like the professors were really helpful and accessible? Were all clinicals done at Jersey City medical center ? Any insight would be extremely helpful! I have to make a decision soon. Thanks!


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Hi there I saw your post. I am in the UMDNJ ABSN program at Stratford. I am in my 3rd semester. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

My name is Kate.

Hi there,

I got accepted for stratford program. I am looking for someone who is allready in program. Someone who can guide me about schedule as I am trying to figure it out what kind of schedule we will have.

I would appreciate if any current student can help me. I am a single parent and need to make arrangements for evening or night schedule or shift. Only if it is required.

Please reply if anyone can to my post if you are current or past ASBN stratford student.



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