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  1. emmie1024

    kaplan readiness test

    Thank you! I appreciate the advice!
  2. emmie1024

    kaplan readiness test

    Good luck!! I take my test 2/24, but I haven't taken Qtrainer 6 or 7 yet. My instructor said to take the last QTrainer like 4 days before the actual NCLEX and if you score below a 62% then you should push back test. Is that the best way to do it? Or should I take it this week? My readiness test score was pretty good... but he also said the last 2 Qtrainers were way more difficult.
  3. emmie1024

    ADVICE NEEDED- Hospital for Special Surgery Interview

    I had a Panel interview there on Jan 17th as well for the In-Patient Residency program. I too thought it was interesting to interview with other candidates in the room, especially since it was only a half hour time slot! I haven't heard back, but the nurse recruiter told me over 60 people were interviewing for about 10 slots. Did anybody get information on when they would get back to candidates with decisions? It is an amazing hospital with a strong reputation, I would love to work there!
  4. Cjthegreat, it only took 4 days for NY to endorse the license!? Is that typically of NY? I'm debating about whether or not to take my boards in NJ or NY state first. I live on the border and I hear NJ takes a lot longer to endorse licenses than NY so I'm thinking I'm better off applying first in NJ and then getting endorsed in NY. The job market stinks in both areas right now and NY looks a little better than North Jersey. Any advice? Thanks.
  5. emmie1024

    Dad's Final Gift

    Your post really touched a personal note with me. I lost my father very unexpectedly during my finals week of my first semester of nursing school. He had undergone surgery at one of NYC's top hospitals and was recovering on a cardiac step-down unit. He developed a common post op complication but for 3 days they failed to properly diagnose and treat it. He died in the middle of the night before I was able to say goodbye to him. It was extremely hard for me, having some medical training, because I knew his death was completely preventable. I have turned my anger and frustration with this hospital and situation into a strong passion for patient safety initiatives. I can only use this tragedy to become the best nurse that I can be and to make sure I am truly an advocate for my patients. That was his final gift to me.
  6. emmie1024

    Umdnj,acceptance,fall 2009

    Oh that would be great if it were free... being that these PDA's are going to cost a couple hundred. I saw one on ebay too... so hopefully I'll get that one so i dont have to buy it new. I've only been to the campus once (for info night in march) and it definitely was a little sketchy at night driving around there. Oh well... hopefully we'll get parking close the building!Do you know how many people are in our class? Keep me posted if you hear anything new! -emily
  7. emmie1024

    Umdnj,acceptance,fall 2009

    That's a really great idea to get one off Ebay! i am going to start looking. We probably have to buy the specific software they want us to use too. I think I am going to wait until orientation to buy the books as well. Do you live near campus? I live in hoboken right now, but since I wont be working I'm contemplating moving back to north jersey where my parents live. I'm excited to start, but also a little nervous... its been a few years since i was in school full time! I'll definitely let you know if i have any more questions!
  8. emmie1024

    Umdnj,acceptance,fall 2009

    Hello! I've been accepted to UMDNJ for the FALL 09 program as well. I'm looking forward to orientation. Where did you get information on what type of PDA we need to buy? I would like to start buying books, uniform, etc while I am still working and have money!! Please let me know if you hear anything. Look forward to meeting yoU!
  9. emmie1024

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN students

    Hi rgirl! Can you please share your NJCU experience with me? I've been accepted there for the accelerated BSN program and one other program in NY. I am really torn and I'm not sure which is a better program. Was 12 months too crammed? Did you feel like the professors were really helpful and accessible? Were all clinicals done at Jersey City medical center ? Any insight would be extremely helpful! I have to make a decision soon. Thanks!
  10. emmie1024

    accelerated bsn program at njcu in jersey city, nj

    Hello... I was accepted to NJCU as well for fall 09. Can anyone tell me more about this program? How many people are in the class? Is 12 months enough time to prepare you well for the NCLEX exam? How are clinicals run? Any information would be extremely helpful! Thanks.
  11. I know the commute would be unbearable if we got out of class at rush hour...so that is why i am hoping the class schedule is how she described it to me! That is a big factor in my decision, as I really do not want to dorm up there. My rent right now is cheaper than the dorm... and I will be leaving my job if I go full time. I work at a hospital now and there is noway i could do both! I'm sure they'll get their accredation very soon and I really hope it happens before we graduate! Do you know how many people they accepted? I know she told me that once the class was accepted she would put us on an email list with current students so we could ask them about the program and their experience. that would be REALLY helpful!
  12. I know... it doesn't seem that bad... but I'm worried if the schedule is more like 8-5pm, it'll prob take me close to 2 hours to get home and over the bridge! I could have sworn she said the schedule was like 8am-2 most days, but don't hold me too it, lol. It would be really nice if that is the case though, as most schools are 8-6pm. I unfortunately don't have any family or friends in Westchester. I don't think I would want to dorm up there. I did that for a year when i was an undergrad. But I thought she said that they might be getting a house for nursing students and you could rent a room which would be a lot nicer than having a dorm room! The campus is really nice though! Also, did you hear anything about their accreditation? I believe she said they would officially be accredited nursing program in July. I know it's a new program, but I just want to make sure!
  13. Thank you! Yes... I would be commuting from New Jersey. It would take me about 45 min but that is not including traffic over the bridge, etc. I don't think I would want to live on campus or in westchester. I really enjoyed meeting with Dr. Apold too, she seemed very professional and knowledgeable. Did she tell you that the class schedule would be about 8am to 2 pm most days of the week, with one day being a late start/evening class? If thats the case, commuting wouldnt be so bad... but if we get out of class at like 5 or 6pm then the commuting would be impossible. I hope we get the class schedule soon! Keep me posted if you get anything!
  14. Sounds good! I have to get my deposit in today... I am still applying to NJCU and UMDNJ (apps are due May1st), because I live in New Jersey and it would be a lot closer to my house. But I was REALLY impressed with Concordia and I thought the campus and classrooms were really nice compared to some of the other places I've seen... so It is a top choice for me. Did you get anything in the mail about the tuition and/or financial aid packages they offer?
  15. Hello.... I too was just accepted to Concordia's accelerated program for the Fall of 09. Did you get your packet in the mail? I received a phone call, but I'm still waiting to get everything back. Did you apply anywhere else?