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njmonsterboi80 has 16 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. No Jeep, No Love: I'm Out Of Here!

    Therese, It sounds like you've been unhappy with work for some time and you've been really proactive in regard to making changes and searching out a situation to get out of the endless nightmare you've been living. I lived through the worst in...
  2. Psych Certification

    I recently started studying for it, do you have any advice? How much do they focus on nursing theories, erikson, piaget, etc? I'm just about done with the online review course and am thinking about buying the questions that go along with the review ...
  3. so burned out

    I worked in a similar situation right out of school for 1.5 years. I liked the excitement but it was way too exhausting and dangerous. I switched to a strictly voluntary setting at a university hospital and the staffing is much better. Its not wit...
  4. What I found amusing about this is while I was a student and on rotation there were were forbidden from bringing cell phones. This was due to a similar incident at palisades medical center happening a few years ago where a celebrity was photographed...
  5. Psych nursing travel Agency

    let me know if you find anything. I wonder how safe these facilities would be that are desperate enough to take travel RNs. My facility has committed patients, but any that are severely violent we send to the state facility within a week. I'd hate...
  6. I started days as a new grad a year ago. On days you run groups when there's time, work with MDs, social workers, art therapists, OT, etc and really get a full picture of whats going on with the patient and pick up on the proper terminology. Its th...
  7. I recently was walking on another unit and was stopped by a patient who knows me.. This is someone I met about 10 years ago back in HS and run into every couple years. Last year I had receieved an email from him and attended his college graduation ...
  8. Hospitals that reimburse tuition

    Hmm, I'll take that info. I've already been working for 1 yr elsewhere but I'm starting to feel the bite of student loans. I'd suffer at bellevue for 2 yrs if they eat my loans. Thanks, Marc
  9. Which area is calmest?

    I don't know about the differences between units (adult/adolescent) but I imagine a hospital that doesn't take committed patients would be calmer. My county doesn't have any committed beds and farms everyone out (some to my unit). Marc
  10. Psych Travel Nurses

    All this is really fascinating. What are salaries actually like? Do they just send you somewhere where the salary is higher? I'm in Northern NJ and entry level is $29/hr. How much more would I make traveling? What kind of facilities have you bee...
  11. Relocating to NY....need help!

    Does anyone have any good leads/advice for a psych nurse soon to have 1 yr of experience looking to relocate to a Manhattan hospital?
  12. any experience with WTS in St. Croix/St. Thomas?

    I haven't, but I'm also curious. What are they offering you?
  13. Salary of a Psychiatric/Behavioral Health Nurse

    I'm in Central New Jersey and I make the same as any other floor, $29/hr. I know Princeton House wanted to offer me $25/hr starting and that South Jersey/Philadelphia salaries are closer to that. Let me know what you find out.
  14. How long did you orient?

    I had about the same time as a new grad and I've been slowly catching on since. I've been at this for about 6 months. I'm still shaky on running groups and get pretty flustered when I have 10 patients. I think your patient load is way too high for ...
  15. NJ hospital

    Yes, I did enjoy it as a student. You'll likely have to take the shuttle from the parking lot, but they run often/fairly continuously. The ICU is nice and modern. If you're serious I can track down two of my classmates that work in the ICU. Marc