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Hello everyone!

I did not see a thread for UC Davis MEPN 2020 start so I thought I would start this since applications open up next week ? has anyone written a personal statement? I can't find any specific guidelines for what to include

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On 10/5/2020 at 11:02 AM, heeyjay said:

hi @livewellmm and @Charlotteee

Are you guys currently enrolled in this program? I was wondering if I could talk to you guys to get more insights and see how you like the program. I'm asking because it seems like UCD is fairly new but the price tag for tuition is comparable to private schools. I have friends that were in SMU, USF and UCSF's program but I don't know anyone who has finished UCD's. 

What the heck I just saw this! I am currently enrolled and do like it but agree that price tag is a bummer! I picked this program cause getting my RN as soon as possible was important to me and I really wanted a Master's since I already have a bachelor's. I also enjoy the graduate level stuff we're doing and feel like this a more socially aware out of the box type program, to a certain degree. I don't know how it compares to other MEPN programs though!

Hi everyone, this question is meant for students familiar with UCD's program.

I've been comparing tuition for the entry level master's in nursing programs offered by some of the UC's in California, and was wondering if anyone had a clue as to why UC Davis' tuition is significantly more expensive than UCI and UCLA's tuition for the similar program. Is there something special/different about UC Davis's program that I'm missing??

UCD: ~110K https://health.ucdavis.edu/financialaid/coa-son.html

UCI: ~63K http://reg.uci.edu/fees/2019-2020/nursing.html

UCLA: ~61K https://sa.ucla.edu/RO/Fees/Public/public-fees


Thanks for the help!

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@roxy548323 I don't think there's anything in the program that makes it special or worth another 40k, it's just expensive ?

1 hour ago, Charlotteee said:

@roxy548323 I don't think there's anything in the program that makes it special or worth another 40k, it's just expensive ?

I see, that's kinda interesting... okay thank you!

On 7/3/2020 at 5:55 PM, Anisap said:

Did you get an answer back from Davis regarding the waitlist?

Hey Anisap, did you not apply for the 2022 MEPN for Davis?? I didn't see you in that thread. 

Hi Frankie! wow been forever since I used this thread. I actually accepted a school in Washington state. Passed my NCLEX and now will graduate from the program in August. Thank you for checking in! Wish you luck in getting in and becoming an awesome RN!



can anyone tell me what the gender %s are from previous cohorts or current cohorts? 

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There's a list and pictures of students from cohort 5 and 6 on the mepn website somewhere

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