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  1. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Yes:( what was the reason for yours? Mine said my statement of purpose was not competitive. I really hate that they made us go through the first rounds and get accepted, then reject us months later. Wish they would have just told us from the beginnin...
  2. ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    Good luck everyone!
  3. Sierra College Fall 2020

    I also have my bachelors degree and have apply to a masters program. Just curious which ones you applied to? UCD is only 18 months long but very expensive
  4. Sierra College Fall 2020

    Hey everyone! I didn’t see a thread for this year but I wanted to start one for this fall! I applied to Sierra College yesterday, has anyone else applied yet?
  5. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    I’m curious too! Also wondering if everyone who made it through first rounds got waitlisted (aside from those who got in), it doesn’t seem like anyone was rejected ?
  6. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Congratulations everyone! I am also waitlisted, does anyone know how we can find out what number we are? Hoping we can all get in ?
  7. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    That’s so weird! Mine were received a while back, they must have not gotten through all of them yet
  8. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Are you talking about your transcripts?
  9. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Are you going to start the USF program just in case?
  10. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Wow! Congrats on getting into USF, when did you find out?
  11. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    I think that they will tell us tomorrow at the latest ? but they may tell us today
  12. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Not yet, checking my email every few minutes the last few days! I’m so anxious to hear
  13. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    If I’m not mistaken, I thought I saw the date January 15 somewhere as the day we should know by ?
  14. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    I submitted mine, it was hard but I basically had to take out a lot of stuff from my original essay and then create a new diversity statement. Hope everyone is doing well!
  15. American River College ADN Spring 2020

    Congrats to everyone who got in ? I didn’t get selected but I made it through the first round of applications for the UC Davis program, fingers crossed. Good luck everyone, hope those who didn’t get in will be selected next time